Are they really lovers? Edji Da Silva & Timo Dylan

Lucas Entertainment has taken the route most acceptable in filming scenes without the use of condoms. That is pairing two guys who are in a relationship. Their latest bareback scene to be released this Friday is with lovers Edji Da Silva and Timo Dylan.


Edji Da Dilva is not new to bareback porn. He worked as Mehdi for his work with Eric Videos.


Are they really lovers? They are more than lovers. They are married.

7 thoughts on “Are they really lovers? Edji Da Silva & Timo Dylan

  1. Yes they really are boyfriends, and madly in love too. I used to date Timo Dylan’s best friend and I know they’ve been together for several months now. I only met him a couple of times but he seemed like a decent guy. If he was still in my social circle I’d help him pick a better porn name :/

  2. Edji’s been posting pics of him and this guy on twitter and fb for months now. I’d say they’re a real couple.

  3. Thank you Karl. I included it in the post.
    I honestly didn’t know so I asked the question. My searching skills is getting rusty 🙂

  4. Your research skills are fine denz. Edji recently deleted his twitter account so you cant find that info anymore.

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