29 thoughts on “For those who missed Cliff Jensen

  1. Anyone know what happened to ole Cliffy? Seems like I don’t remember reading any announcements from him that he was retirning….just all of a sudden noticed that I hadn’t seen anything out of him, video wise, for a long time. And all this in the wake of a video of him coming out every other day.

  2. Cliff is one of my favorite G4P guys. I’m glad to see him back, but really wish it wasn’t for a lame foot fetish site. I hope to see him at better studios in the future.

  3. He needed more weed money. It won’t be long before we see him on Raw Fuck Club doing scenes with Shane Frost.

  4. Not for nothing, but Cliff looks kinda gaunt and sickly. Plus the fact that he disappeared for a year, and comes back desperate enough to do that obscure fetish website, when he previously commanded top scenes for big studios–All tells me that he most likely had (or still has) a drug problem. If so, that’s sad.

  5. If you spend a year away from the porn scene, getting back to work for the big studios might be difficult (a lot of new talent has emerged since then) hence why he maybe resorting to doing shoots with a lesser known fetish base company.
    That being said, can’t say that this my thing because it isn’t. And the photos don’t do him any favours either……

  6. Agreed. He is not very attractive anymore. He’s obviously sick. Maybe he had to do this type of shoot because hes Positive.

  7. He was a pretty big name when he left, though. He was (almost) on par with Christian Wilde. I would think that would mean something. Even with a long hiatus, he has a lot of fans who would wanna see him in something other than a foot fetish video.
    He does look worse for wear. Whatever he was doing while he was gone, it was not good for him. He always gave good performances and I wish him well.

  8. He was incarcerated a few times over the past year. One of his recent Vine posts he boasts about being in LA County Jail while showing off his body implying that Jail helped him get his body looking good. “doin time in LA county never hurt anyone huh?” while panning down the camera at his abs.

  9. He’s more flat chested then a prepubescent girl. And his ass is so boney. The only meat on his body is between his legs sadly.

  10. He hasn’t been completely gone in porn. He actually cammed a few times at Randy Blue. Although I don’t think he made that much money. He charged a ridiculous amount when he first started per minute, and finally dropped down the price to what the average was. But he wasn’t on there long, he never dedicated his full attention to it, spending most of the time playing video games rather than enticing ppl to take him to pvt.

  11. He never stopped escorting either. Had Rent Boy ads up all year long. I wanted to hire him when I went to LA last month I called and called but no call back. I decided to research his number to see if others had problems with call backs. Turned out he has quite a few negative reviews on his services including someone saying his dick was covered in “white bumps” He probably can’t pass the medical tests that porn requires, that’s why we have only seen him on webcam and now this tickle site.

  12. Cliff is ugly now …how the mighty have fallen .. used to love watching him until his ego blew up and he flaunted his ugly personality on twitter . now he has an ugly face to go along with it

  13. ewww, and yes I don’t doubt his junkie ass has stds. I’ve held that theory ever since he disappeared from the porn scene that he was indeed blacklisted

  14. I’ve held the opinion that he’s been sick with SOMETHING for a long time ..seems to have been blacklisted from the industry

  15. Yea he was arrested again for beating up his girlfriend. He went to Jail 2 times this year for it. My best guess is after the 2nd time the girl wised up and left him, that’s why he has emerged once again he’s probably broke without having someone to sponge off of and to have buy drugs for him. Its keeping in tone with his past experiences of beating his ex pornstar girlfriend a few years ago.

  16. Won’t be long before he offers his arse on Top to Bottom if he is that desperate for cash………can’t wait!!!

  17. Now hes got a different girlfriend called Kirra Moon who recently got his ass arrested. This time he was sent back to Florida. Some are saying he beat her others that he knocked up another girl. Either way she called the cops and they wisked him off to Florida Prison for the old warrant.

  18. why are all the bitches here so bitter?
    oh yeah because you can’t get a straight guy unless you pay for him….

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