12 thoughts on “Hot or not? Asher Hawk

  1. He’s pretty hot, though pretty much all of his scenes have been weak due to terrible partners.

  2. Wow. You only wrote two words and still managed two typos. Is there any such thing as a necessary tattoo? No. They’re just hot.

  3. AGREEING with U,…and obviously enjoys taking it,..therefore expecting more of the same @ CD.

  4. Cockyboy’s Zach is actually at least an equally hot dude and he’s been cast with him for two of his vids. So there, I’d have to disagree with you. I can say tho that I generally think Ty Roderick is a better bottom and I don’t really like 3-ways so much.

  5. well, agree to disagree. I find Zach to be a really lame limp-dick fuck. Asher should have been paired with Colby Keller, Tony Milan, Hayden Lourd (omg this guy), or someone thats a hotter fuck than levi, ty, or zach.

  6. College Dudes is such a terrible site. Asher would have been better sticking with Cocky Boys.

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