5 thoughts on “Kenny & Zeb will be live tonight at Flirt 4 Free

  1. Zeb is so gorgeous….Kenny is kinda a dork. lol I hope they make themselves some big bucks doing those live chat shows but I must say the whole thing isn’t for me.

  2. So everyone is related with the last name “FISHER”.?? Now that’s so innovative and typical of anything coming from CF. LOL!!
    Glad to see the Corbies getting into LIVE-CHAT….and here’s hoping to see Chandler, Kent, Kellan, Dawson, Connor, Josh, Trenton and Tom online soon.
    “Way To Go – Corbin”!!! …and THANKS for the DIVERSIFICATION.
    PS: Zeb is a Dean’s List — STUD!!

  3. I expect guys from low-end studios to be the ones doing cam shows on the side..not Corbin Fisher’s.

  4. The appeal of CF was that the viewer got to “know” the models more so than other sites. Having them do live shows is just the next logical step. I’m not sure why they couldn’t just launch their own site instead of the partner with up flirt4free.

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