Men of Montreal just went raw (tip @ Russe)

It's spreading across the sites handled by the owners of Next Door Studios. First, it was Next Door Buddies that released their first bareback scene 24 hours ago. Today, its Men of Montreal's turn with their scene [gallery] titled Raw Meat with Alec Leduc and Felix Brazeau


4 thoughts on “Men of Montreal just went raw (tip @ Russe)

  1. I was wrong. I think it is a partnership. Men of Montreal handles the filming of the scenes while the owner(s) of NDS handles everything (website, marketing, affiliates, etc)… So, I edited the post.

  2. It was the fake fucking Cody has done for his site “So we’re going to pretend it’s true and take note of another discrepancy the video has to offer: the absence of condoms.”

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