1. Blue Bailey, who had scenes with and without condoms, gave an interview with Treasure Island Media.


2. A two hour live chat with Zane Michaels at FratpadI hope a lot of people can make it out to my show, it’s been over a year since I just got up and left many of my loyal supporters without even getting to say good-bye. This is my chance to make it up to them and of course all of my new supporters here at Fratmen. I picture this chat being a really fun-filled event where I can touch on some personal topics and also talk about a lot really exciting things we’ve been working on here at Fratmen… I might even have a new video to debut for you guys!

3. Lukas Ridgeston is back in front of the camera for Belami Online.


4. Zack Zire, former editor of The Sword, explained why he quit his job.


5. Marc will be back at Corbin Fisher.


6. I’m A Porn Star trailer posted on YoutubeI’m a Porn Star follows the lives of guys in the neighborhood who are likely a lot more famous than you – at least on the Internet. There are an estimated 370 million pornographic websites online.

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  1. Brent Everett better get used to being in Canada for a while.
    Any INS agent looking at his “husband’s” profile is going to wonder about them when Steve is openly carrying on a relationship with another man

  2. Gay porn’s loss with Zach no longer writing at the Sword. However, probably for the best. The industry is sort of retrograde.

  3. I too miss the writings of Zach Sire at The Sword. Did not always agree with him but I liked his approach of the gay porn industry. The problem with the gay porn industry is that it cannot reflect upon itself because it is always busy filming the next scene. Zach held a mirror to people working in the industry. Many of those people became angry at what they saw and, strangely, blamed Zach and not themselves at what they saw.

  4. It wasn’t just pirating that’s killed the gay porn industry.
    It became overuse of certain models and gay4payers who gave dull and stiff scenes every time.

  5. Regarding what killed porn, I don’t really think gay4pay or even “stiff models” killed porn. I think supply and demand, along with pirating plus the availability of free porn killed porn.
    Why would I pay for something when I can get it for free. I’m not suggesting that pirating isn’t illegal or wrong…in fact, I can get all the porn in the world non pirated but just clicking on a web site like “man hub”. There is more free porn there than in the whole freaking world.
    I also think gay4pay, and bareback, and “drug porn” and the rest came along because folks want to get people to pay for the content. Anyone can see 2 men bang for free, but do you get them to take a hit of meth before they do it? As awful as it sounds, there are folks that want to see something “extra” no matter how repugnant, or gross it may be to the next person. And the person is willing to “pay” for it.
    That’s ultimately what drives the porn, or frankly any industry. It’s providing what people are willing to pay for. When “regular” sex gays got boring, we paid for model like gay4pay men. When that got boring, we got fisting. When that got boring we got beatings and bondage. When that got boring we got bareback without knowing people’s status. When that got boring we got HIV+ models doing everything we are taught is bad for gay men. When that got boring we got guys shooting meth before a shoot. I shutter to think what’s coming down the pike that we as a society are going to see next.
    I’m not a “pearl clutcher”. For porn I don’t like, I don’t watch and I don’t pay. Sooner or later if more people do the same, that particular brand of porn will go away.

  6. So what? They still do bareback sex. It doesn’t matter if one does it “safely” because the guys are straight, clean-cut, and tested. They all engage in the same dangerous sex practice.

  7. You talk as if barebacking and gay4pay are something new that came along and will be going away soon? Both of these genres have been huge since the beginning of gay porn, and you can bet that they’re not going anywhere.

  8. Bareback sex is not inherently dangerous. I find them reprehensible because they romanticise and glorify the contraction/possession of a disease. Part of this romanticisation and glorification is through promoting bareback sex between anyone and everyone and by downplaying any potential consequences by declaring it is a “lifestyle”. Disease is treated as a trophy that is “earned” by fulfilling their core value of having as much bareback sex with anyone as possible. There is a very clear difference between Sean Cody and a studio that has constant undertones of drug-fuelled bug-chasing orgy sessions.

  9. the basic assumption that porn is dying is wrong in my opinion. There are very few “industries” in existence today in which people are willing to pay for content and porn (gay and straight) remains one of those industries in which people ARE willing to pay for content.
    In my opinion, the only “crisis” in porn is the effect of the new porn reality on American porn companies in California.
    On the gay side, a handful of gay adult producers in CA got away for a long time shoving these steroidy bronzed monstrosites as desirable down the throats of the gay adult buying public. When the Euro companies presented a different image at a cheaper price, they changed the economics of gay adult.
    On the Straight side, a handful of bitches in CA basically controlled what men could work in Straight porn because if they decided they didn’t want to work with a guy, that guy couldn’t work. And, these bitches demanded and got large “contracts” because they convinced studios that they were the reason men bought straight porn. Well, with the flood of so many producers in straight porn producing a wider and different look of female in straight porn, THE BITCH MAFIA in Straight Porn is now complaining that any guy can come off the street and work in straight porn without their okay and that their pay is shrinking.
    Even if adult producers put porn on their websites and allowed people to download it for free, there would still be a certain and sizeable number of men who would pay money to have someone download it for them.

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