The cross dressers in Mick Gibson, Van Wilder & Tony Douglas (tip @ Richard)

I am not sure if the site has regular updates but Subby Hubby includes a few guys, who did gay porn, doing str8 and/or bisexual scenes.

Mick Gibson as a maid [gallery]


Another porn star who played the maid was Van Wilder, who is now str8 porn star James Kickstand.


Tony Douglas, who is not into black men, in women's clothes [gallery]


Not in women's clothes but Subby Hubby also had Connor Maguire in a bisexual submission scene [gallery]


19 thoughts on “The cross dressers in Mick Gibson, Van Wilder & Tony Douglas (tip @ Richard)

  1. I always get a few complaints when I make a post that includes naked women.
    Blurring the photo seems to be the best solution.

  2. These kinds of sites have become increasingly popular in recent years. Frankly I don’t see the appeal myself. Bi porn is one thing. Humilating a guy by having him dress up in women’s clothing and forcing him to be “the bitch” is frankly a boner killer.
    I’ll pass on this thanks. Next…….

  3. Well I can’t enjoy Mick Gibson ever again after seeing that. (I thought he was gay4pay?)
    Men fucking women doesn’t gross me out. Men dressing as women does gross me out.

  4. Conner Maguire fucks girls bareback as a “dom” in cuckold scenes there too. Issac Hardy, new gay porn star is a regular there as well, in addition to the guys already covered in previous updates about that site.

  5. As disturbing as it is to see women’s body parts here, it is more disturbing to see guys whose lifestyle does not involve dressing up in women’s clothes do so for money. It kinda demeans the hardships that men who crossdress put up with. It makes fun of them. Well, sorry, for the rant.

  6. Denz,Troy Halston also works on this site. In the 2nd picture of Tony Douglas, the man who is fucking the woman is Troy Halston. He gets fucked by women in some scenes.

  7. Agreed!. There’s something wrong with the underlining message that the way to degrade a guy is having him cross dress as a woman. It’s almost as if to say that crossdressing itself is something that should be ridiculed and shamed. Or even being made to look and act like a woman is something that should be made fun of which I simply just don’t get.
    Again this whole concept of humilating a guy for someone else’s sexual kicks is disturbingly uncomfortable.

  8. Honestly, the blurring out of womens’ parts is pretty hilarious. Never really noticed it until this post; like here’s a big ol’ cock uncensored but a woman’s boobs? Yeah no, blur that shit out LOL.

  9. He appears in some scenes with his wife, Holly Halston.
    What’s weird is almost all these guys have been on BaitBuddies. I’m guessing there’s some umbrella studio or a connection with whoever managed the actors’.

  10. I hope you don’t make it a policy.
    The guys who complain can’t see their own misogyny – if they’re gay (and a functioning adult), the most they should feel about tits is indifference.
    If this was a vid site that people jacked off to, that might be different, but the level of disgust some of these guys exhibit is just juvenile and over-the-top.

  11. Im guessing most of this is old content since troy halston has been divorced for some time after a domestic violence incdent. This was shot with Florida based talent. Connor m no longer lives Iin florida and mick and tony have left the porn industry. Companies like this can’t afford to fly talent in so they used local talent.

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