12 thoughts on “Connor and Dawson are now live at Flirt 4 Free

  1. Dawson….needs to get behind the camera. He ALWAYS looks tired. While his body is still great, its got too many miles on it and he just looks….dated. My low for Dawson was when he got railed in the CF workout vid. I was utterly disgusted by everybody cumming in him. He’s supposed to be CF royalty and they used him like a dumpster. lol

  2. Cum dumpsters around the world take offense to your comment here, Eddie. Who’s to say acting like a cum dumpster ISN’T something royalty wouldn’t do????
    *a total joke, buddy. I’m being sarcastic – Ironic that CF Dawson literally became TIM Dawson, he of the 20 Load Weekend fame.

  3. I am a total Dawson fan. He is physically beautiful and has such a great personality. I watched him on Flirt4free where he was answering fans questions. Dawson has such a friendly upbeat and wholesome personality. Love the guy. Hope he has great success in all he does.

  4. I never judge a guy’s appearance from bodybuilding pics. In those competitions, they alter the guys’ appearances so much that they hardly look like themselves. He looks damn hot in the more natural pics.

  5. Wow. Not a Dawson fan but he looks amazing. I couldn’t get into him because of the many updates he had been on and I’m not a fan of toe-sucking. Aside from those two minor annoyances he’s a good performer. Always enthusiastic no matter who his partner was.

  6. Depends on the person. Most masturbate, Tom Faulk had some action scenes where he got fucked on archive and others just tease. I haven’t seen Jason Williams (SC’s Fuller) all the way but most of his are cockteases where he takes his close off, shows a little dick and then switches to a private show where the people who throw the most money are the ones who get to see.

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