Corbin Fisher posting first hard core debut for model on CFSelect website

written by Trex


I'm pretty sure this is the first time Corbin Fisher has done this and I think they need to be called out for it. As you know they have a membership website (ACM) and a pay per scene website, CFSelect. Up until now I'm pretty sure that all of CF's new models have made their hard core debut fucking or getting fucked by another guy on the membership website, where members would not need to pay extra to see the new models in action for the first time. Well yesterday they posted on the CFSelect website, the first hardcore/gay scene for their new model Kaleb.


He fucks Brayden. Kaleb's only scene on the membership website has been his initial solo. (I think he also did a scene with a woman on their "straight/bi website" but who cares about that??) I think CF's paying members should expect to see the new models do their first hard core scenes (fucking and getting fucked) without having to pay extra and that is how CF has done it up until now. I hope this is not a new policy or trend for CF but they should be called out for it just to make sure it is not.

2 thoughts on “Corbin Fisher posting first hard core debut for model on CFSelect website

  1. I found the same was done for another favorite newcomer of mine–William. He had two really exciting scenes on CF Select. I never would have known it, had someone not told me, because I don’t browse CF Select. So I went and purchased the scenes. But as a paying member of the regular CF site, I dont feel I should have to pony up extra money just to go see more scenes of my favorite performers.

  2. CF are bullshit. They used to be a great site but it’s become a place of squeezing as much out of them for too many years now. It started with a second cost for ACS and then hiking up their prices. And then stupid “GuysGoneBi”. I like CFSelect as a non member but they should at least offer those who pay an obscene amount of money (for only a couple of good scenes; they keep reusing the same guys over and over and their editing of the videos is still shit- quit faking your “I’m about to cum” scenes! We can see the difference between the before and during takes) they should offer the paying members at least a 75% discount.
    And for the love of Christ, retire Quinn. So sick of seeing him multiple times a month. Not to me on Kellan. He only started hardcore in the summer and I’m fucking bored. They overuse their models way too much and make them tiresome.
    And let’s not forget the synopsis for each scene. NOT EVERY SCENE IS A MARVEL SO STOP TREATING THEM LIKE THEY ARE. You can’t say model X and model Y are PERFECTLY MATCHED in one scene when you say the same thing once you put X with G and Y with H.
    CF, check out SC and CM. Those studios aren’t perfect but they’re content is staged and they don’t pretend that every scene is a fucking diamond.
    And for the love of Christ sort out your sodding editing in the movie. Look at SC. Theirs is perfect for what they do. If you can’t do something as simple as that then you shouldn’t be making movies at all.
    -End Rant-

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