Easton of Corbin Fisher is now working at Next Door Buddies (tip @ Kevin)

The latest update at Corbin Fisher today is a scene of Easton, as a bottom, to Kellan.


It showed the hole of Easton before getting breed by Kellan.


Easton is now with Next Door Buddies. QMN shared a photo of a Christmas shoot shot last November 18, 2013. No porn name has been given so far.

Easton_nextdoorbuddies_02 Easton_nextdoorbuddies_03 

Easton is not yet done at Corbin Fisher. He was part of the Scandanavian series to be released next week.


10 thoughts on “Easton of Corbin Fisher is now working at Next Door Buddies (tip @ Kevin)

  1. I agree. I thought Easton had a lot of potential with CF; too bad he made that move and likely burned bridges with CF. :(. I lost interest in Easton with that bone headed move. What a waste going to NDS.

  2. Easton made into the Select DVD series,that can already prove he is popular at CF some how,so it is very confused why he left.And no doubt,when it comes to NDS,it is always a step back.

  3. GUYS…did we forget that NDS is doing bareback? It is entirely possible that he, like my future husband Slate Steele before him, will usher in the era of bareback clips and hopefully witht he same intensity he brought at CF.
    Easton is not traditionally aber-zombie but don’t get me wrong…I’d TOTALLY notice him at a bar and quite frankly his dick is pretty fucking amazing at full mast – also dude can FUCK!
    As for the Scandanavia series…SO HAPPY TO SEE REAGAN: dude is uniquely sexy. Also judging from that tweet the cast is two thirds bottoms (WHAT?!?!!?!!?)

  4. I am not sold on NDS because it does bareback. It is just bad filming, lackluster performances on average, it seems like a website that takes mostly un-excited straight guys and tells them to basically stunt dick every scene, that gay guys don’t care about real scene chemistry or if the sex looks fake by the multiple and improbable poses the guys are twisted into to simulate action while both the top and bottom give wooden performances. Uggggg… Did NDS not learn anything from Falcon studios?!?

  5. I totally agree with Mark!You thought guys such as Slate and Brandon would look amazing in any positions,but they are just kind of stiff in actions.

  6. My impression is that NDS is run by a bunch of nasty homophobic queens who really push the gay4pay crap, from both SC & CF seem to (finally) be discarding. I mean look, Cody Cummings is their flagship model! I suspect they appeal to guys who are looking to support their ‘straight’ persona — and think having a hot blond in the picture covers that base.

  7. As I said I’m hoping he brings some heat. But yeah…totally agree about NDS…and they own Falcon now.

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