First time with a guy for Taylor of Corbin Fisher was outside ACM

You would have thought the brothers, Taylor and Tyler, will only be doing a solo and maybe a str8 scene at Corbin Fisher since their introduction did not include either one of them getting sucked by another guy.


But, 19 days ago, Corbin Fisher replied to a question about the brothers that they are aiming to get them filmed.


Taylor's first time with a guy on camera finally happened. It wasn't at Amateur College Men (ACM) of Corbin Fisher but via their collaboration with Flirt 4 Free where Taylor was partnered with Quinn in a live show last Sunday.


FYI Today, I saw three guys from Corbin Fisher doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 FreeDawson (Fisher), Reed (Fisher) & Quinn (Fisher).


FYI Taylor's brother, Tyler, did a live show 5 hours ago, but it was a solo.

10 thoughts on “First time with a guy for Taylor of Corbin Fisher was outside ACM

  1. Dawson’s new hair plugs look terrible..I’d rather see a hot dude with a bald/shaved head, than unsightly hair plugs. They scream, “i’m hiding hair loss”.

  2. Is Dawson 40 or 50 years old now? I’m joking but man he’s waaaaayyyyy past the age of Corbin Fisher models. He literally belongs as one of the Dad’s on Jake Cruises new hot dads hot lads site lol

  3. Taylor said in the chat that he has been curious about guys for a while and had “encounters” he didnt say how far has he gone off camera with a guy. Also Trey did a live show where he said he has been fucking guys off camera more than girls, but still has only dated women (wtf)

  4. booh … that policy of CF is unfair!! i really would like to see the guys but it costs extra money besides membership and random buyings of CFS scenes and — more important — the different time zone (about 9 hours difference) hinders watching shows live and taking part in the chat. :((

  5. Well, look at the stills from the cam show–He obviously has hair plugs (the telltale sign is the very symmetrical hair line). I’m not hating on him, I think he’s a very handsome guy and was one of my faves at CF. But I think he (and a lot of men with plugs) would look better without them.
    And if you’re saying he’s too young to possibly have them, I can tell you my older brother lost his hair when he was 25!

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