For those who missed Richard Pierce

It's been two years since a scene of Richard Pierce was released by Randy Blue. For his latest, he was paired with Austin Wolf [gallery].

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Nothing much has changed physically on Richard after two years.

THENNOW_backagain_richard_pierce_01 THENNOW_backagain_richard_pierce_02

[sidenote] There was a RUMOR that Austin's real life relationship with Tyler Wolf was all for a show and that Austin was into women. But, on twitter, they seem to be together.


27 thoughts on “For those who missed Richard Pierce

  1. I can totally believe Austin Wolf is into women. He even admitted to fucking them as clients, in an interview he did with Rentboy.

  2. I read this article about Austin and Tyler how they became boyfriends,it just seesms too specific to be fake.If it is a show,I just could now understand what Tyler would benefit from this “fake relationship”,and there are tons of pictures of this couple in public or privacy,it just seems too much work to put on this “show”.

  3. Probably because, since gay porn fans keep insisting these gay4payers are indeed gay (ya know, like those of us who have gay sex for FREE), these men go out of their way to pretend that they are.
    After all, it’s making them money. So, when they are asked their orientation, they give bullshit answers like, “I’m open minded”.
    The only thing they are open minded about is whether we pay them in cash or charge.

  4. Gay4payers are not rare in the industry now,some actors like Paddy O’brian,Chris Rockway who come out as straight still got lots of fans,websites like Seancody and Corbinfisher are filled with straight guys,why bother put so much work just to pretend,I think the rumor probably based on he never bottom:)

  5. STRAIGHT ………………….. GAY. There is a wide continuum of sexual orientations in between. That said: count me as one of the guys who missed Richard. Always liked the guy. He was always a great performer.

  6. Glad to see Richard P….back in front of the camera. Looking good and staying away from those McDonald’s BIG-MACS and X-Large Fries. I nick-named him Mr. Spark due to his pronounced-size EARS that’s the largest @ RB.
    Thanks DENZ for spot-lighting Richard’s return.

  7. No “Straight” man would get the HRC logo tattooed on themselves… maybe put up a decal on their bedroom wall, but a tattoo — no.

  8. This wouldn’t be the first time porn couples have faked relationships! Many others were fake as well. I can also totally believe Austin is mostly into women and uses Tyler as a front to be accepted in the biz.

  9. don’t expect him to come forward or admit to it though. No one will ever do that again after what happened with Logan McCree. For now, everyone will be “gay” until the money stops flowing.

  10. The sexuality of gay porn stars is off.Because gay porn stars always lies about their sexual orientation.
    Kevin Crows used to claim to be bi.But,he is straight.He makes straight porn now.
    Vince Ferelli used to claim to be straight,then he claimed to be bi.As soon Vince retired of gay porn,he seemed to put everything gay away as well.
    Vince Ferelli have a girlfriend.Vince Ferelli is the kind of man who says,i dont date men.I only fuck them.So,Vince is the kind of man who is not emotionally into men.So,like so much gay porn stars,Vince said what gay men wanted to hear.He said he was bi.But,he is mostly straight.
    Even Steve Cruz once said he would have no problem having sex with a woman.As long as man is involve in it.He said it would be hot.
    Other gay porn stars sexual orientation.
    Trenton Ducati (He claims to be gay.He seduce women on his twitter.He said that he would make straight porn)
    Jessy Ares (Claims to be gay.But,he says that he cant wait to make straight porn)
    DO (He hates being asked about his sexual oritation on twitter.He supposedly have sex with women outside porn)
    Adam Killian (Suposedly not indifferent to women)
    Christpher Daniels (He had sex with women)
    Colby Keller (Mostly gay,but he is not indifferent to women)
    Francois Sagat (Keeps claiming to be gay.But,he is not indifferent to women)
    Logan McCree (He claimed to be gay.Then,he said he had a girlfriend)
    Alex Marte (He claims to be gay.But,some gay porn stars says that he is bi)
    Vito Gallo (When he started making gay porn,he said that he was a recent gay.Nuff said)
    Kyle King (He said in an interview that he would be open to have sex with women)
    Jake Genesis (He claimed to be gay,then he said he still have sex with women from time to time)
    Jean Franko (He claimed to be gay for years.Now he claims to be bi)
    Rogan Richards (He claimed to be bi,Then,he claimed to be gay.Now he claims to be bi)
    The list goes on and on and on and on and on.
    You cant realy on what gay porn stars says about their sexual orientation.They will tell you what you want to hear.Sexuality of gay porn stars is off.They always lies.
    The only way for gay men to enjoy gay porn,is to accept that all gay porn stars are bi.Because they really are.

  11. To be honest Austin Wolf is so fine I don’t care who he fucks. I wouldn’t mind seeing fuck a women seeing that big muscled body dominate a women would be hot and such a turn on. Someone should tell him to do some straight porn.

  12. Austin Wolf is as gay as can be – he’s been around the NY scene for a long time and he was in a “throuple” relationship for a long time and he used to cruise manhunt for years before he went into porn. If he’s been banging women now, it’s a new thing.

  13. I don’t mind gay4payers at all. After all, porn is just a sexual performance, like theater. What the actor does off stage is his own business. All we should care about is what kind of performance does he give. And plenty of gay4payers give a great performance. I love CorbinFisher because none of the gay4payers are ‘too good’ to eat ass, kiss, swallow a load, or bottom. Then there are actually gay performers who won’t do all that, (and who give boring performances despite the fact that they are indeed into men).

  14. You guys all admit that fucking another man doesn’t make a man gay,why don’t you admit fucking women doesn’t make a man straight,you all think gay4pay is normal,then on the other hand straight4pay should not be absurd,these guys may have sex with women,but it is for money or for pleasure that you don’t know,so don’t make any judgement based on your own imagenation.

  15. This discussion really is a joke,so men have sex with men can never have sex with women,so they should be condemned when they do that?Why orientation is always be a big deal for gays,people have freedom to choose who they want to fuck,men or women.

  16. rod & Cal, the Austin situation goes beyond just escorting and straight for pay, so it is not because of that.

  17. The bottom line is this–These men are consummate hustlers. Not only do porn, but stripping, escorting, cam shows, pseudo-modeling, and all manner of odd jobs that involve the peddling of flesh. A hustler will tell you whatever he thinks you wanna hear, to get your money.
    They know their audience is gay and they know that their gay audience wants to fantasize about having a shot with them–So they will tell you whatever, collect their money, and then the next week get arrested for slapping their 3rd baby-momma (or something else to denote how straight they truly are).
    Their flirtatious comments and innuendos about how gay they possibly are, are mere fantasy to keep the gay dollars flowing.
    Stop trying to guess who these men like to fuck when they’re off duty, and just enjoy the porn!

  18. Hey porn is porn. I get off on straight porn because some of the guys have hot bodies and dicks stay hard. I hope Trenton Ducati and Jessy make some straight porn soon it would be HOT!!!!

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