Informed barebacking for Jed Athens and Hot Rod

Now that Lucas Entertainment has shifted its bareback theme from real life lovers to informed barebacking, we now get to see more of their guys having sex without the use of condoms. Their latest is a scene with Hot Rod and Jed Athens.


Since the start of informed barebacking, Lucas Entertainment has officially included a 50% discounted link to their site.

35 thoughts on “Informed barebacking for Jed Athens and Hot Rod

  1. It means nothing–It’s merely word play, to drive the condom Nazis to go apeshit insane. They know it’s bullshit and they will go DEFCON 1 over it.
    And Michael Lucas is too much of a backpedaling pussy to admit he changed his mind about bareback and now wants to make money off it.

  2. Jed Athens is a sexy stud! I’ve been in love with this cat since he was cast against type for Titan Men’s “Stud Finder” June 2012 (coincidentally in a scene with…wait for it….TRENTON DUCATI “The Posterboy for Informed Bareback”. Wonder if there will be a rematch?)
    Nice to see Athens back and taking on some top flight machinery while he’s at it.

  3. People want you to shut up? LOL its an open forum. If they don’t like what you got to say, tell em to stick it in Blue Bailey’s ‘informed’ hole.

  4. Why so much hate for Michael Lucas? PrEP has been a game changer. A few years ago barebacking was a game of Russian roulette (sorry for the pun). But today it is not. And Michael gets it. We all know it feels better. So get on PrEP guys, and get off your soapboxes.

  5. This HotRod dude is hot. I’d like to see him in
    He said in an interview he wouldn’t mind having sex with women

  6. You condom Nazis are not so much interested in preventing the spread of HIV as you are in being catty, spiteful douchebags.
    You’re like the pro-life people who claim to care about children, but you don’t see any of them feeding homeless kids. They’re always free to jeer outside clinics, though.

  7. Having unprotected sex is a personal choice. Having sex with a person you know to be HIV POS on a porn set is another. Why take the risk for money? Is the money worth it? Can that money replace the life you might lose if you catch HIV from an on-scene partner? There are so many questions to this that could go on forever. It seems that many pornagrapher’s in the business are about the money and the hell with worrying about the models they film. They can talk all they want about how much they care but their actions say different.
    You can talk about all the tests that they do but in the end you are playing with a life. If you have unprotected anal sex with another person then you are increasing your chances of catching something. It is just not worth the risk. And yes I am aware of the new drugs that exist that seem to be helping those with HIV and that is a good thing. This informed bareback theme is total bullshit. Providing those that are not HIV with the possibility of catching it and adding to those millions that already have it doesn’t make sense now as it made no sense 30 years ago.

  8. All these “informed barebackers” are most likely HIV positive already, so there is no need to even use this term…Seeing where Hot Rod has barebacked before, there is very little to no doubt left.
    I hope they don’t get anything else on top of it though…

  9. Granted, some of these pornstars have come out with their statuses, but I didn’t think all of them were. Are they posting their statuses up on some blog or tumblr somewhere, or are you people just making assumptions?

  10. I’m making an assumption, and that assumption is base solely on the assumption one would not let a poz person fuck them raw just for money and our enjoyment unless they are poz themselves…would they???

  11. Riiiight, because “Condom Nazis” care if you drop dead from HIV-of course, according to your arguments, we shouldn’t. So who is a Nazi? Maybe you are a Poz Nazi?
    The difference between contraception for birth control and contraception for disease prevention, is the latter is about personal choice to have sex for procreative purposes, and last I checked gay men can’t have babies. Besides, women died trying obtain access such services prior to it’s legalization. IF in fact you want to debate that issue, I’m happy to- but it has NOTHING to do with the issues on this board.
    The second aspect of sexuality is open to discussion. We talk about drunk driving or other recreational activities which indirectly impact society and directly impact those involved in a car accident; we don’t necessarily care if someone is a drunk, but we do if they are behind a wheel partaking in reckless behavior. We even have laws on the books about BOTH drunk driving and having consensual DECEPTIVE sex that results in a person getting HIV-when someone doesn’t disclose their real status. Why shouldn’t we talk about sex in an HONEST way? Not some PR campaign for Prep or bareback porn companies trying to recover from a recession. Sex is a social phenomenon and a biological one-it also is a health issue.
    By the way, my issues with the subject are not with YOU, you have bareback sex all you want – you can have a meth orgy as well-I really don’t care. My issues are with a predator, who is taking advantage of other gay men for is own gain. And lying about safe sex in the process. A deception.

  12. I agree Groomy, they wouldn’t need to use the Term “Informed Barebackers” if they models were just honest about their HIV status. And then wouldn’t need to use such a misdirection in marketing. But then again, the average consumer would have a problem sexually fantasizing about some person with HIV.

  13. You can pretty much deduce from the circle of performers who are working together: some of them are already honest about it, and others are concealing it poorly because they worked without a condom with those honest about it.

  14. I’m black and I totally agree that “Hot” Rod is FUGLY!!! Sorry guys but it ain’t racist when you just so happened to be black and ugly.

  15. @Denz, I originally came here to make the same comment as Ben. I think “Informed Barebacking” should always be in quotation marks, otherwise it seems like it’s a real thing when most of us know it’s just BS some people want us to believe. Barebacking is barebacking and everyone knows the consequences, regardless of testing. I’m not against barebacking, but I have a low tolerance for BS.

  16. It’s not because he’s black that I don’t like him. I have plenty of black guy porn on my computer, with actually good looking guys! Hot Rod is just not good-looking, not his face, not his stupid tattoos (I’m not one of those tattoo-haters, but his are terrible), and not his gross fake-looking butt.

  17. Go preach this stuff to straight porn blogs then! It’ll have a much bigger impact because more people are watching str8 porn and have having str8 sex. They are not immune to diseases, and all of this unprotected sex in str8 porn is affecting them!

  18. My problem with the scene isn’t so much the barebacking though I am a little perturbed by it but the fact that Jed was soft throughout the anal part of the scene. I’m sorry but if the bottom is soft when being fucked then the director isn’t doing his job

  19. I couldn’t get hard when I was not allowed to relax when he was inside of me and I refuse to take the shot unlike most porn boys!

  20. Actually I agree with that and why can’t they just shut the fuck up it’s annoying that their
    Lives suck such that they need to spray there own misery around. If your life sucks that much it’s called a cliff go jump off it!

  21. I think Hot Rod’s there because it might be getting harder to find guys willing to fuck a prima donna with an IQ of 80 and an ego of 10,000. Ever seen one of his blog posts or Twitter rants (which he’s locked now)? Entertaining in a Honey Boo-Boo kind of way, and he’s burned more bridges than Napoleon.

  22. I agree I think hotrod is pretty damn sexy and see that he has plenty haters. I wish I had a beautiful man like him in my life.

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