Scott Anderson of EBD is also Hazzard of BLM (tip @ Yamato)

He first appeared at Extra Big Dicks last February 2013 under the name Scott Anderson.


A few weeks ago, he was given the name Hazzard by Bi Latin Men.

Scott_anderson_aka_hazard_bilatinmen_03 Scott_anderson_aka_hazard_bilatinmen_04 

With or without a cap?

Scott_anderson_aka_hazard_bilatinmen_06 Scott_anderson_aka_hazard_bilatinmen_07

He does have a bio hazzard tattoo. Does it mean anything to him?

BTW, has anyone seen Hazzard in str8 porn?

21 thoughts on “Scott Anderson of EBD is also Hazzard of BLM (tip @ Yamato)

  1. Doesn’t a bio-hazard tat indicate one is HIV positive? What makes the infection which causes AIDS hot? Or, are you just trolling? LOL

  2. His acting was soooo bad on Bilatinmen I kept waiting for a dick to tumble out of his bootyhole while he was pretending to be inexperienced with men.

  3. It’s diamond kitty rides the bus would love to know others he’s defiantly straight and sexy as hell

  4. Clips of his fucking videos. WARNING: They are HAWTT!

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  5. “he’s definately straight” yeah, right. And Caitlyn Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner is a REAL WOMAN. If this faggot is straight then I’m the president of the United States. Closets are for clothes, so pop the lock on the door and get out. It takes a fag to fuck a fag – and if he wasn’t one, then he wouldn’t be in this business. I didn’t use the euphemism term “gay for pay” because it’s just stupid. Nothing screams I’m a fag than fuckin’ another with another guy. That shits gay dude. I just hate the contradiction the gay community perpetuates. They call conservatives gay and tell them to come out but when it’s a gay man like Scottt Anderson or whatever the fuck is his name, y’all stupidly think he’s straight. You all need to get the fairy dust out of your eyes and stop being hypocrites. I’m proud to be a gay and so should Scott.

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