8 thoughts on “New guy at Sean Cody is also the new guy at Corbin Fisher (tip @ Owen)

  1. Model wars. He applied to both sites and both sites filmed scenes with him. Sean Cody released his first solo, so CF rushes out his first topping scene. Will Sean Cody release the bottoming scene they must have????

  2. I always hoped those two sites would do some crossover scenes, with their A-listers fucking each other, and the videos can be featured on both sites.
    Sales would soar for sure, Since fans of SC are usually also fans of CF

  3. I’m happy to see SC-Bobby still doing PORN,..now working at CF and right into an action fuck scene with Quinn. Looks promising that he’s going to be around for a while. “Hoping”!!
    Not sure why he didn’t do more while visiting San Diego with Sean. I guess none of the Partners had the chemistry. LOL!!
    Thank YOU – OWEN and DENZ for keep us informed. 🙂 🙂

  4. I dunno why they hate one and love the other, I subscribe to both studios. They both very similar as far as content, and caliber of guys. Though i gotta say that the camera work/lighting on SeanCody is often superior.
    Sometimes the CorbinFisher scenes look as if they are done by candle light. And the camera angles could be a bit better.

  5. perfectly true fans of sc are the same as cf’s those 2 sites should not be at war but cooperate since competing here makes no sense

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