Should we buy a Fleshjack promoted by Spencer Reed?

Fleshjack just introduced their newest boy and it is Spencer Reed.


The same Spencer Reed who doesn't want porn fans since he is not doing porn anymore. He would rather break his foot again than do porn.


Last September 24, 2013, he tweeted that he will only be using his twitter account for promoting his work as a DJ.


Does he now want his porn fans back since he is now promoting Fleshjack?

20 thoughts on “Should we buy a Fleshjack promoted by Spencer Reed?

  1. he’s an idiot. always has been. but as gay men, we allow ourselves to be treated like shit if the guy is hot

  2. he gained 20 pounds and lost what little looks he had. poor thing would sell anything you put in front of him. i cant imagine escorting (oops i menats ‘dj’ing’) pays the bills.

  3. He doesnt want gay porn fans, but he wants their money, right? Typical. Keep your fleshjack. Those things are mostly for straight men anyways, who don’t wanna have to buy a woman dinner. We gay tops can very easily find holes to plug. There is no shortage of bottoms (not in my neck of the woods, anyways).

  4. I think so too Shalomo, is a moron. He says he does not want fans of his porn career, and now he wants to sell that shit, he wants us to buy it because it is a replica of his dick, ass and mouth, please, he can take that device and put it in the depths of his ass.

  5. Hell no and now I probably won’t ever buy a “fleshjack” now that I see the kind of people they like to work with. What were they thinking when they chose this ass hole homophobe? Boycott!!

  6. He seems to be under the belief of “I don’t want porn fans….. Until it suits my needs”….NEXT!!!!!

  7. To perhaps clarify a couple things: 1. He was selected to be a Fleshjack Boy by FAN vote well over a year ago; 2. This was BEFORE he retired from porn 3. It takes Fleshjack several months to produce a product. So, in my humble opinion, it is not nice to say bad things about Fleshjack. However, it is open season on him.

  8. I’d get it just to have it, but I’ll be too busy banging my cody cummings mouth and ass to pay any attention to them.

  9. Its not surprising that Sprencer Reed turned against gay porn.In the last Spencer year in porn,you could tell that Spencer was fed up with porn.He was clearly done with it.
    In behind the scene videos or interview videos,Spencer often looked moody and pissed off.There was obviously something wrong about Spencer.He was just not into it anymore.
    This is the reason he often looked bored in his perfomances.At is point,he didnt wanted to make gay porn anymore.In his scene with Alex Marte,Spencer looks high.Actually,Alex also looks on something in this scene.Its very obvious if you see the video.
    Spencer Reed seems to be a tormented man.He should have left gay porn sooner.He lost it.
    Lots of gay porn stars quit gay porn with regrets.They wish they would never made gay porn.Mostly gay for pay men.They doesnt want to talk about their gay porn past.They wants to forget it.

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