Spencer is back at Broke Straight Boys

It has been a year since a scene of Spencer Todd was released by Broke Straight Boys.




Was the hiatus due to his interview with Just Us Boys last August 2012?


Readers of The Sword were not happy with his reply to the question "Do you prefer to have scene partners that are staight or gay? Why?" which Spencer replied "Straight, because I know they're not enjoying it either."

17 thoughts on “Spencer is back at Broke Straight Boys

  1. Spencer Todd is one hot ginger muscle boy. In his first scene at BSB he was AWFUL. In later scenes he started to get into it and obviously enjoyed the guy on guy sex.

  2. I really don’t get why anyone would continue to do something that’s not enjoyable. He has to like something about doing man-on-man sex on camera. Otherwise, I don’t get why he still does it. The money can’t be that good, can it?

  3. Why the gay comunity give audience for this type of person? Sad that. GayForPay are ruining the gay porn. Gays who consume such movies are gay person who has no self esteem. What is the grace to see a gay porn movie with a man who does not like what you’re doing and sometimes even feel disgust? I hate gay for pay!

  4. I certainly agree that his answer was offensive to all of us but at the same time I believe there is something to praise about the fact that he didn’t lie like so many others who think the same way but will not let us know that.
    Some of them will only say they hate gay men after they “leave” business, isn’t that so, Spencer Fox ?

  5. used to love him as one of my favorite gingers but his “piece of shit g4p attitude” completely turns me off.

  6. This is really what all of them (G4P) are thinking, but the cunty people that make up Gay porn’s audience love it.

  7. It kinda looks like that awesome ginger Spencer Todd has lost some of his muscle mass. Maybe now that he is back in front of the camera he will beef up. Either way he is hot! I think now that BSB has lost the popular Johnny Forza they are going to turn to this popular hunk to do more scenes.

  8. Not all gay4payers are like this guy. Most are respectful of their audience. What I would like to see stop, is the audience’s insistence that just because these men are payed to suck dick, that they are one of us. They are not!
    Being gay is what you are, not what you’re payed to do. Sucking a dick or getting fucked in the ass does not make you gay,bi,or even curious–If i have to pay you to get you to do it.
    Now, if you hear that these guys have boyfriends off camera, that’s a different story.

  9. For me, his answer was disappointing but not unexpected. I’ve also heard other G4P guys say they prefer gay guys because they add much needed energy to the scene that a str8 guy wouldn’t. It all depends, I guess.

  10. Many people seem to think that ever guy’s sexual orientation fits into the neat categories of Straight, Bi or Gay. Where an individual lies along the continuum of sexual orientation is really known only to that individual and many keep it a closely guarded secret.

  11. Too bad there weren’t people there to call out some of these guys on their BS especially Randy Blue. 80% of gay for pay porn is bs, some companies even have people that will coach you on how to be gay for pay. Sorry Wolf I’ll take the DaVinchi institute’s study about bisexuality over your manfactured garbage any day. Of the sample group of men they examined more then 75% were aroused by male/male porn while the rest of the men were aroused by only straight porn. Wolf you identified as straight then how come you told Michael Lucas on camera that you were bi and went to clubs to pick up men. Wolf didn’t start out in straight porn and frankly the only straight porn he does is low budget garbage. Wolf having sex with men on camera is sexual bub. If you really feel that way then please leave gay porn once and for all. Stop begging your fans to vote for you for every gay award that is out there, stop coming to pride events and please don’t patronize the community by doing the NO8 pictures for publicity. Once your contract at Cocky Boys ends just leave. – See more at: http://dailytrojan.com/2010/02/10/adult-film-actors-give-insight-to-gay-porn/#sthash.AWmUe0GF.dpuf

  12. Gay for Pay -please. the money is not that good..these guys are as queer as a three dollar bill. i have many straight friends and none of them, either male or female would never have sex with the same sex. that is why their straight.. Spencer and others- please come to grips – you are a homo and enjoy sex with men. you do it on film. guys that suck dick – screw a mans hole – get their hole screwed by a man are gay.
    if you do with the same sex – YOU ARE GAY

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