The model in Roman of Sean Cody (tip @ Jackie)

From Jackie "A couple of years ago I saw a good looking guy move to South Beach, Miami. He works as a bouncer."

"Last night I was browsing on Sean Cody and found him as Roman."

Roman_seancody_whereishenow_01 Roman_seancody_whereishenow_02 
Roman_seancody_whereishenow_03 Roman_seancody_whereishenow_04 

"Also, he has a profile on Model Mayhem using the same photo from Sean Cody."

Modelin_roman_seancody_01 Modelin_roman_seancody_02 
images @ Sebastian Barone

From Roman's Model Mayhem profile "I will not do nudes so please don't ask."

8 thoughts on “The model in Roman of Sean Cody (tip @ Jackie)

  1. Don’t understand in universe this guy could be considered good looking. Though in the Mayhem Model shoot where is obviously wearing make-up and it has no doubt been heavily photo-shopped he certainly does look better. Will he do movies on heavy make-up
    and dark lighting or just with the proverbial paper bag over the head.

  2. “I saw a good lucking guy move […]”
    Did you see his U-Haul and follow it to his destination?

  3. lol you guys are too much. He’s not the best looking…but…honestly he probably looks better than most of you…

  4. He’s probably better looking than about 75% of men out there, let alone the people here sitting on their ass on the Internet.

  5. If you knew how much time is spent on retouching a model on print, you’d seriously question the need for naturally beautiful models. Any groomed person will do, the rest is done at “the Lab”.
    Even above avererage singers are still autotuned to Hell and back again. So, just except the flaws or you’ll never be [visually] satisfied. Like my dentist once said, “your teeth have character.”

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