Topher DiMaggio to bottom next at Men

Today (11pm EST) till Saturday (4am EST), Men is offering a $14.95 a month membership for the holidays and announced at the same time that their next big top to bottom for the first time is Topher DiMaggio.


I'm curios how much was Topher paid to bottom for the first time on camera? $5,000? Or, more?

And, who will be his top? 

UPDATE The top will be Lance Luciano, his ex lover.

19 thoughts on “Topher DiMaggio to bottom next at Men

  1. They need to farm out Johnny Rapid to Treasure Island Media. Maybe they can finally get some enthusiasm out of him while he’s being plowed. He’s notorious for laying there like a dead log.
    I understand he’s pretty to look at, but who can jerk off to that?

  2. I’ve never been a big Topher fan… can’t really figure out why, he’s got a killer body… maybe it’s the eyebrows… he just seems plastic… like a Ken doll…

  3. Topher is adorable and he gives good performances, so I cannot knock him for it. The tweezed eyebrows I can overlook.

  4. Those are the exact words I would describe him. He acts like a model and looks like a deer caught in front of headlights too

  5. $5,000??? In today’s industry I seriously doubt even an “exclusive” performer gets paid that much for one scene, no matter the circumstances.

  6. They sneak in a $1 trial charge to that turns into $24.XX after 24hrs. When you go anywhere on that site to cancel they keep trying to upgrade you to a full membership, even though you get on in less than a day. Just a warning.

  7. Topher claims to be from my home-land of Hawaii during an interview @ EBD. … Therefore, I’ll say “ALOHA” and welcome his butt-hole to an invasion. I hope Paddy O’ … will be given the honors to pop-his-cherry, and seems only fair since it was “T’s” cock that did the popping to POB.
    “Way To GO – Mr. DiMaggio”,…I’m proud of YOU, and hope you do get paid $5,000+ from,… for I’m certain they will make a $$$ killing from your First Bottoming.
    Thanks DENZ for the heads-UP. and “Happy Thanksgiving”!!

  8. $5,000? Is that the going rate for these guys? I don’t understand these gay4pay guys, because as a gay man, you’d have to pay me a heck of a lot more than that to get pussy juice in my mouth. Heck, I dont think I would do it for anything less than $10K (To claim that I would not do it for ANY amount of cash would be a lie, as I am not independently wealthy)
    And I doubt most of them even get as much as S5K for a scene.

  9. scene rates themselves aren’t that important considering escorting is these guys bread and butter, regardless of g4p/bi/gay/sexual/etc….the porn is just advertising.

  10. Yeah, I figured as much. Escorting (prostituting) is the meat and potatoes for these guys. Plus club appearances, advertising revenue from blogs, etc.
    So much for the illusion of “the boy next door, doing porn on the side to pay for college”–These men are sex workers, it’s their life.

  11. Apart from the plastic doll look…For me its the silly fuck noises that he makes…cant stand it…its a big turnoff…I usually just wait for his cumshot thats usually good! Would like to see a big dick stud like rafael carreras or maybe gabriel clark plow his sexy sissy ass.

  12. WOW, I have been wanting to see Topher get fucked for a very long time, but I’d pretty much given up hope since he seemed like one of those cocky “tops” who was never going to bottom on camera, regardless of how much money he was offered. Wasn’t there an interview awhile back in which he even went so far as to say he wouldn’t do it even if a studio offered him $50,000? Which of course makes this news all the more shocking! I haven’t been this excited about a porn scene in a very long time!
    Does anyone know when this scene is going to be released? The teaser seems to suggest that it will be before Christmas?

  13. Yez. Time to get that ass fucked.
    Maybe he’s jealous with all his ‘gay4pay’ straight friends getting their ass plowed.

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