With or without facial hair for Trenton of Corbin Fisher?

We are used to seeing Trenton at Corbin Fisher without facial hair.


In his live show at Flirt 4 Free a few hours ago, using the name Trenton Fisher, he showed some facial hair.


Things he mentioned during his live show.

  • No viagra on the set. No fluffers.
  • His family does not know he does porn.
  • He is bisexual and has no boyfriend. He doesn't want to date a porn stars.
  • Corbin Fisher for him is a job.
  • Chandler's dick was very hard to take.
  • He doesn't cum one week before a shoot.
  • He drives a BMW.
  • He doesn't think he can handle a double penetration.
  • He has a small smiley face tattooed on his body.
  • Best kisser for him was Brayden.


4 thoughts on “With or without facial hair for Trenton of Corbin Fisher?

  1. I’m happy to see TRENTON sticking it out @ CF.
    With his new identity as Trenton FISHER @ F4F hopefully he’s committed to CF-porn for a while.
    I fully agree that taking Chandler’s 9+” cock could be a challenge for most newbies. lol!!

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