Ajay is back at Sean Cody after almost 7 years

Ajay's scenes were released by Sean Cody from June 2006 to March 2007. His last scene was with Harley.


He left porn and became Aaron Savvy, celebrity personal trainer, fitness model, and fitness motivator.


But, if you looked at his website, no information about his celebrity clients or work as a model & motivator. I would brag about it to get more work and clients.


I am guessing it wasn't as successful as he expected it to be so he is back in gay porn since he needed fast cash.


23 thoughts on “Ajay is back at Sean Cody after almost 7 years

  1. So great to see Ajay back, and bottoming…yum! He’s one of my all time favs at SC. But pairing him with this average looking newbie is just wrong. No internals, no creampies, no swallowing! Ajay deserved SO much better.

  2. I agree–and Steven, who was enamoured with Ajay during the interview and couldn’t wait to get his hands on him–looks to have potential.

  3. What’s the point of bringing him back if they’re gonna pair him up with some less than average guy? I thought they would pair him with one of the stars of SC. What a waste.

  4. Great that Ajay’s back! Let’s hope this isn’t a one-off though. Hopefully he’ll be back for at least a couple more scenes (with their actual stars)

  5. Mmmmm. Sensing a little meow in your write-up. Do we really know why he’s back? You imply it’s because he failed as a trainer, but offer no proof.

  6. The proof is in his actions–Someone who’s been away from porn for 7 years, if they had made another successful career, they certainly would not be coming back to porn.

  7. I don’t see why you guys are tripping over this Ajay guy. He’s average looking at best. The guy they paired him with his hotter. If they wanna bring back someone from 7 years ago who was awesome, bring back RODNEY!

  8. Face looks rough. He is definitely not aging well in that respect. Body looks all right, but he looked better in his old videos (loved those cum gutters as they called them). I loved watching him bottom back then. This new video looks boring and the other guy is not that cute. So… no.

  9. Well he is getting up there in age don’t know how old he is exact but he looks great for his age. But yeah I agree about the pairing.

  10. Now look at that one star leaves and old one returns ciao jarek welcome back ajay. Had no idea he was coming back so excited to see future pairings. This one tho wasn’t as great. They better not start putting him with duds like they did with jess I’ve noticed they have been doing that a lot.

  11. For the people who said that Dennis was too old in the last update, do you feel the same way about Ajay? Because his body is STILL on point.
    Also, I hope SC doesn’t stick him as a bottom. We need a gay top because most of their gay models are reduced to bottoms.

  12. Supposedly he was 25 when he first started but I think they lied because he said on his website that he was 35 and that was in 2010. That would put him at 38 or 39.

  13. Went back and looked at the pics of his first solo video. It looks to me like it might be he has lower body fat now and it shows up in his face. But he still looks damn good.

  14. It does seem a bit like admitting failure.
    Here’s to hoping Marcus Mojo, Cliff Jensen, Brandon Bangs and Parker London, Harley from SC and Cade from CF admit failure soon and come back to porn.

  15. I would love to see Marcus Mojo make a comeback. He was such a good bottom. I personally never cared for Harley/Simon Dexter because he seemed and still does seem like such an asshole. But at the same time, seeing him admit failure (in whatever it is he’s trying to do with his career?) and go back to porn would be the ultimate kind of just desserts for him and his undeservedly pretentious personality

  16. LA (where I live) is full of trainers – plenty of them train ‘celebrities’ (from Anderson Cooper, when he’s in LA, to what most would consider “B” or “C” list who are regularly on TV but not big stars [perfect example of what I mean are Max and Charlie Carver from Teen Wolf]); just as someone’s personal assistant is going to put on Twitter “I pick up Robert Downey Jr’s dry cleaning” or “I cook for Ellen and Portia,” because they would lose whatever type of work (including PT work) they did for any “name” person.
    He also tried being a model, including fitness modeling (as any number of other guys, including some who never do porn, or do photo sets or JO only work like All American Guys) and THAT he really wasn’t any more successful than some you can name.
    Last time I was regularly working out at Golds (it’s been a few years now), he seemed to be plenty busy as a PT, doubt that’s changed since economy is now actually better, not worsened.
    So yeah, that seemed an unnecessarily bitchy editorial remark.

  17. Personally, I appreciate it when some guys coming back, it’s not all that unusual; Jake (as well as Mitch) were guys who left and came back, ditto Chris (now Gavin Seven at CM); some of them are never going to come back, either they’ve moved on, gotten married, don’t want the publicity or want their privacy, etc. It’s clear in some cases that guys can’t find something else to do, but that’s because it can be easy money to do adult work than actual work, but for some it’s an easy trade-off.
    Austin (from CF) is someone plenty of people want back, and folks assumed a solo released of him a few years back was “new” when it wasn’t really; another good (personal) example would be redheaded Mark (https://www.corbinfisher.com/CFStudentProfile.aspx?ID=0281) who did two action scenes and never did any more, anywhere and likely never will.

  18. ajay still has an awesome body… he looks older…the guy he is paired with is ok…….sounds like ageism to me what some other posters are saying about ajay…..ajay is a hot older botttom it is sad he does not look like he is into the man he is with.. r maybe they should bring back Harley…ajay seemed to love being topped by him

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