All Star Buddies from Bait Buddies

It started this month. Bait Buddies released their series titled All Star Buddies "…limited series in which Caruso has brought back some old friends, Straight boys and Bait boys who have performed on the site or had wanted to, but never quite made it into one of our videos before, and hooked them up for some very hot and sexy scenes."

The first part had Angel Rock, who said no on his first shoot when he was 18 years old. He is now 22 (?) years old and came back to film a scene [gallery] he said no to 4 years ago.

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The second part had Joe Parker and Cameron Kincade. The description was quite confusing "Both guys started out as straight on and are now gay4pay, Joe always considered himself a bit on the bi side, but is now dating a dude and Cameron is currently dating a girl – go figure." I am guessing, Caruso meant they are now gay.


The third and latest [gallery] had Bobby Clark and Logan Vaughn, both are labelled str8. Logan is now blonde.

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10 thoughts on “All Star Buddies from Bait Buddies

  1. Angel Rock: Gay (dating Boomer Banks), Alex Adams: Gay, Joe Parker: Married to a man (CJ Parker), Cameron Kincade: Who knows, Logan Vaughn: Straight, Bobby Clark: No clue.

  2. Cameron said he was gay in an interview with Him magazine in Feb this year, and on his Twitter he described himself as ‘straight for pay’.

  3. at least cameron is being bisexual, logan has a gf/ most of gay porn actors are dominated by bi and g4p eventhough they say gay its not guarantee that they’re real 100% gay in other words they are lie being gay to get more money and fans.

  4. well bi guys have bf and gf, for joke case he has relationship with a man in this time. and maybe he still mess around with girls and we never know it.

  5. Logan gets uglier and uglier. honestly he was hot with some meat, and his ass was jerkable. but now he is just… gross? idk i hate using such a basic adjective but i really am let down month by month

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