Belami daily updates, Topher Di Maggio in a flip fuck, huge guy at Sean Cody, and Boomer Banks in love

I haven't visited Belami Online for a while now. It is already the 16th and I just found out that the studio has been releasing one scene each day this December. I think they should do this often since they have a huge archive.


Topher DiMaggio's top is his ex love Lance Luciano. It's a flip fuck. Since it was Topher's first time on camera, MEN should have focused only on him as a bottom.


Vaughn, the new guy at Sean Cody, is BIG. Considering he shoved a dildo up his ass in his intro, we will get to see him in action with another guy.

Hugeguy_seancody_01 Hugeguy_seancody_02

Boomer Banks, who is open about his status, is in a relationship with Angel Rock. Angel is seldom a bottom in gay porn while Boomer is packaged by his studio as a top. I'm curious about their personal sex life.


9 thoughts on “Belami daily updates, Topher Di Maggio in a flip fuck, huge guy at Sean Cody, and Boomer Banks in love

  1. That Vaughn guy is not bad looking, but not a fit at SeanCody–He is way too buff, he more belongs on a specialty site for guys who are that built..Or perhaps something like RaginStallion or HotHouse (He has the look that they sell).

  2. Congrats to Angel and Boomer, and frankly what they do in their personal lives is none of our business

  3. MEN probably didn’t pay Topher enough money for a whole scene. Hope it’s not a 5 second lame fuck on that ass.

  4. Even MEN’s “hottest” scenes are terrible! Watching paint dry is more exciting! I know Topher is gay, but just about all of the Men pornstars seem homphobic, like having sex with each other/other men is a big joke with a punchline theyre only in on! Most just lay there limp when theyre getting fucked, i feel like all that’s missing from that site’s features, are the men wearing watches and staring at the watch face to see what time it is so they can ask, “arent we done yet?”

  5. Actually, now that Ive written that, Men’s next update will probably be Topher DiMaggio and Rocco Reed, in Rocco Reed’s last scene for Men, “Clock Watchers!” They’ll both just be naked staring at a clock in the wall, but not before a 10 minute long credit intro with the clock shot in 20 differents ways, and with 20 different filters! LOL

  6. As someone who has been wanting to see Topher get fucked for a very long time, I was shocked and excited when I first heard about this scene. I’m still looking forward to seeing it, but like Denz, disappointed that it’s a flip-flop scene with his boyfriend of all people. That really takes away from the whole “conquest” appeal of seeing him surrender that ass for the first time (on camera). Would much rather see that hot muscle-butt of his get pounded by an aggressive top, and preferably one he’s never worked with before.

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