Belami Online, Topher Di Maggio, Sean Cody & Boomer Banks

I haven’t visited Belami Online for a while now. It is already the 16th and I just found out that the studio has been releasing one scene each day this December. I think they should do this often since they have a huge archive.


Topher DiMaggio’s top is his ex love Lance Luciano. It’s a flip fuck. Since it was Topher’s first time on camera, Men should have focused only on him as a bottom.


Vaughn, the new guy at Sean Cody, is BIG. Considering he shoved a dildo up his ass in his intro, we will get to see him in action with another guy.

Hugeguy_seancody_01 Hugeguy_seancody_02

Boomer Banks, who is open about his HIV status, is in a relationship with Angel Rock. Angel is seldom a bottom in gay porn while Boomer is packaged by his studio as a top. I’m curious about their sex life.