CF’s error revealed scenes of Kennedy as a top and bottom (tip @ GMan)

For not knowing who Quinn and Kellan, Corbin Fisher revelead updates on Kennedy.


A video was posted a few hours ago, now removed, with the scene title "Kennedy Gets Fucked", supposedly by Quinn.


But, the video screen captures had Quinn as the bottom to Kennedy.


And, if you watched the video, Kennedy was indeed fucked, not by Quinn but by Kellan.


I am guessing a video will be released in a few hours with the title "Kennedy's First Time".

6 thoughts on “CF’s error revealed scenes of Kennedy as a top and bottom (tip @ GMan)

  1. Yeh!!….. what a mess-up. Someone in the CF-I.T. Dept must be high on something. LOL!! and it could be Corbin himself.
    THNAKS – DENZ,…for spot-lighting my favorite STUDIO. 🙂 🙂

  2. I guess I am one of the few that downloaded the video of Kellan and Kennedy? They should just have released two updates since we know now who Kennedy really gets fucked by. BTW as big of a fan I am of Corbin’s work the video with Kellan and Kennedy was weak compared to some of the other updates. Kennedy screams while supposedly getting fucked for the first time but the screams seemed way over the top. Also, Corbin should have acknowledged that they messed up but there is no mention in today’s reposting of the scene with Quinn and Kennedy. I guess we are suppose to believe that it never happened.

  3. Considering that Kennedy was recently SUCKED by Kellan, they may have realized that having him fucked by Kellan so soon thereafter was probably overkill, repetitive, (and a tip-off to the audience that the same 2 guys are booked to do multiple scenes together in one day, which gives the scenes an ‘assembly-line’ feel).
    It’s probably the reality of the business (that the same 2 guys shoot multiple scenes in one day) which makes sense considering how expensive it is for sites like CF who have very frequent updating. But they prob don’t want the audience to know that, which explains why they removed the scene so quickly. The audience prefers to think that kellan and Kennedy had two separate encounters, not that they did a suck scene in the morning and a fuck scene in the afternoon.

  4. I predict we will see the Kellan and Kennedy scene on CF Select on Saturday. They will try to extort CF members ( who did not download it when they had the chance) to pay to see Kennedy bottom. The CF website is all about screwing members and maximizing revenues.

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