Cooper Reed fucked for the second time

It was in July 12, 2012 that Sean Cody released a bareback scene of William, now known as Cooper Reed, as a bottom.


After working for Sean Cody, he worked for different porn studios but most of his condom work were from MEN. Unless I am mistaken (again), all his condom scenes had him as a top.

This week, Chaos Men finally released the second time for Cooper to get fucked in porn, bareback.


FYI Chaos Men is currently having a promo of $9.95 for 15 days access till December 31, 2013.

5 thoughts on “Cooper Reed fucked for the second time

  1. Gavin is a total hunk. If he would wrap it up, I would willingly give it up. What a smokin hot stud.

  2. If you want to see a really hot scene, check out the scene on Sean Cody where Gavin/Chris is giving it up to Jarek. Jarek is a great top and when Chris is getting kissed and fucked by Jarek, Chris is totally loving it.

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