For those who missed Kelly Taylor (tip @ Bo)

Kelly Taylor worked in gay porn till 2010. For his scenes with the use of condoms, he worked in studios such as Jizz Addiction, Next Door Buddies and Cocksure Men.

Kelly_taylor_scenes_01 Kelly_taylor_scenes_02  Kelly_taylor_scenes_03 Kelly_taylor_scenes_04 

For his bareback scenes, he was Jude at SX Video.


He was also Jude for his condom scenes at Chaos Men. Yes, CM did film scenes that had his models wear a condom.


This week, Jalif Studio released a scene of Kelly, as a bottom to Kamrun.

Kelly_taylor_scenes_08 Kelly_taylor_scenes_09 

Three years and no physical change/s? The reason? The scene was part of the movie Thug Home Invasion released in 2010. 


He is actually not back in gay porn.

40 thoughts on “For those who missed Kelly Taylor (tip @ Bo)

  1. Awesome detective work Denz. This is why I come to this site… to get the scoop on things.
    I also wished that Kelly was back getting his sweet booty fucked bareback by all comers… but alas.. that is not to be.

  2. Was a big fan of his, but he sorta of went downhill. Saw him last on a small site . It was a solo, and it was sad. Couldn’t even cum.

  3. Does anyone know the name of the video where he gets creampied by a bearded guy in a mask? I stumbled across a short clip & I think he called himself Ian but it was definitely Jude/Kelly Taylor. Would love to find the full scene…Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the info Kevin! I found it! It’s “Cum Filled Manholes 2” by Satyr Films, the same people who did “Ream His Straight Throat”
    & yes BJ, he’s Jude at Military Classified.

  5. anyone remember a scene he did where he just got a handjob on a couch from an older bear? any chance anyone remembers the name of that site?

  6. He looked sexy as hell in ‘Manhandled'(2013)….think that Koala audition was a ‘bad day’…

  7. Coach Karl Dildo experience with Jude Anthony(or something close)..’Dudelodge’ entertainment

  8. On his Facebook page, May 2015: “Another day, another intense workout session. Everything in my life is changing for the better finally. Where i was once addicted to drugs and a terribly unhealthy lifestyle Im now addicted to working out physically, mentally and spiritually! This new HIGH I get from 1 hour of HIIT (high intensity interval training) plus another hour of lifting weights is the best in the world. Its almost on par with jumping out of an airplane (which i jumped “all into” after my first tandem with jared foti – now 25 jumps later I have my class A { AFF – accelerated freefall license }. Thank you Jared Foti for opening up this amazing thrill )
    God I love being free at last!!!”

  9. So he’s one of those homosexuals, who’s still in the closet, and has a beard, then right? Does she know he’s a queen?

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