Blaze to bottom again (tip @ Chris)

Blaze did work for other porn sites (str8 and gay) and had been fucked before working for MEN. But, all his scenes at MEN had him as a top.


However, this month, he will have a scene as a bottom, titled Authorization, where he was fucked by Sebastian Young.


Blaze has now 9 scenes at MEN, 6 of them were orgies.

But, if you want to watch him doing it raw, check out his scenes at Dudes Raw.


17 thoughts on “Blaze to bottom again (tip @ Chris)

  1. I’m usually not the type to leave negative comments, but I have to say that I hate the new look of the blog. Everything from the bright colors (such a contrast to how it was) to the page layout is very jarring and unpleasant to the eyes. This is the only porn blog I visit on a daily basis, which is why I feel strongly enough to speak up. Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing?

  2. I have to second that opinion–WTF is this? The old look was easier to browse. I still like the blog’s content, tho. So I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

  3. Not wanting to brown-nose to Denz (he’s got enough pornographers doing that already probably), but I think the redesign is a success. He really classied up the place.
    The white background could be dulled a bit to ease reading on a desktop, but it looks great on a tablet.
    Good, unexpected move! (there, you’re all clean down there now, Denz).

  4. How many scenes of Sebastian Young does have in the can? He’s been in the klink for almost a year now, or did he finally slither out?

  5. Perhaps the Dept of Corrections is giving him furloughs to go and have gay sex on camera? (the kind that pays, not the real kind that he’s undoubtedly having in prison)

  6. I am still testing it. I am not yet sure if I will keep it. But, for me, I do like it. Agree that it is too bright.
    The theme is pre-designed by Typepad. I am not a technical person but I will try to tweak it.

  7. My only thought about the new layout is that it looks very generic. The old layout was different that other sites while the new one looks like like dozens of others and, not intending to be nasty, a bit amateurish.

  8. So glad to hear you’re still testing it. I wholeheartedly vote for DARK themes….I loved the old one. I think dark themes are much easier on my eyes and makes it easier to read text. Just my opinion, however. Either way, I’ll keep coming back because it’s the best gay porn blog on the market!

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