Thank you for 2013 and happy new year!

Thank you to Alias74 for the interviews. Without it, we won't get to know more of our favorite porn stars.

Thank you for the tips. Without it, this blog won't be interesting.

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Thank you for all the comments, without it, this blog would be boring.

Thank you to the fellow porn fans who made it a habit to visit this blog.

18 thoughts on “Thank you for 2013 and happy new year!

  1. Thank U man, to give us the best news about our favorites porn stars and all keep in touch with your fans dude! Love U, love MOP! Have a fucking amazing 2014! See ya!

    Now if that one interview subject would just get off his duff and finish…

  3. Yeah! I’m in your list! New Year resolution – write a 7500 word essay for Denz 🙂 to spite Alias74.
    Here’s to more traffic to MOP in 14. Bottoms Up!

  4. Thanks for maintaining your awesome blog throughout the year Denz and to everyone who contributed to make this a great place to visit. I would like to wish everyone an awesome year in 2014. I look forward to visiting here often again in 2014 and beyond. 🙂

  5. “To spite me”…????? LMAO!
    I’m wordy…what can I say? Call it an “occupational hazard”.
    Shall we write together?
    Maybe in 2014, Denz – Russe and I could review gay porn films/clips…..
    Are you down for that Russe?

  6. …and yes: MORE TRAFFIC to MOP!!!! “That other blog” posted stats which kinda rubbed me the wrong way…

  7. @Alia74 – I’ve already broken 3 resolutions past midnight. I will leave the mightier sword(pen) to you.

  8. Well, my pen is GOM JABBAR….but seriously…I have some ideas about you and I reviewing porn films or clips. We could be the Siskel and Ebert of gay porn.
    Break those resolutions and get Denz to connect us!
    Think about it….
    COME ON…’ll be very!

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