6 thoughts on “The blonde in Mike De Marko

  1. SORRY!!,…but Mr. Mike D.M does not appeal to me as a “Blondie”. … However, everything ELSE about him gets a 4 + Star.
    As for their Amazon Wish List,..”Shame On Them”!!, .. for exploiting their Fans. LOL!!

  2. Amazon Wish List? When I was a little kid saying I wish for this or that, my Irish immigrant grandmother would say: “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets filled the fastest”

  3. I’m not really sure how having an amazon wishlist that is public counts as evidence for not being able to afford something… I have a wishlist, and I bet if i made it public, lonely old dudes might buy me stuff too… that doesn’t mean I cant buy my own stuff… just a though

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