20 thoughts on “The flexibility and exclusivity of Duncan Black

  1. He is cute with or without beard. His smile never fool me – a childish smile with stearing eyes. LOL – this guy seems to be taylored for tasks like this.

  2. The hunky Tate Ryder and the beautiful Duncan Black are two of my favorites. I prefer to see both of them bottom. Their beautiful faces and plump butts were created by the gods as a gift to Top Men. I prefer Duncan without the facial hair. When you have a beautiful face, like Duncan, you shouldn’t cover it up.

  3. Both–one of the best newcomers around,and, if he can tear himself away from his new almost twink BF, I would love to see him with Trenton Ducati.

  4. [site name] claims Duncan tested positive yet is still working (warning…lot of anti-gay vitriol)
    [link removed]
    I think another poster on this site mentioned Mitchell Rock claiming on Twitter Tate infecting him.

    If these guys are infected how do they keep getting work?

    [Men of Porn] My apologies to Gnormie but I removed the site name and link. I don’t want to give the site, that hates us, more traffic.
    I did tell Duncan & his agent, both privately via DM a few months ago, when that article was published.

  5. Pleeease do not mention “that website” here, Denz will remove the link (and rightfully so, why give ANY attention to a site that hates us gays and considers us sub-human).

  6. MY understanding from an anonymous source is that that article was COMPLETELY wrong and false. It was decided not to justify the gossip by issuing a statement.
    And let’s all be clear about this: Neither Duncan nor his agent were REQUIRED to make any kind of statement whatsoever about whether the article was true or false.
    It is NONE of our business what the performer’s status is. If you are so turned out by either a) knowing from the performer themselves that they are poz or b) believing all the gossip you read and hear in these blogs, DON’T watch that performer in any scenes.
    I understand that what I said here is ironic in light of the articles and information I tend to contribute here but truth be told, it really is none of our business.

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