The tease is over for Jon Saunders aka David Jones etc (tip @ kromatoo)

He has used the porn names Jon Saunders, David Jones, Pater Jackson, Adam Coussins, David Duke, Mike Douglas, Samuel, and more since 2009. He hasn't done a hard core scene in gay porn.

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It will happen this 2014 via MEN. Last December 15, 2013, Paul Walker tweeted that he shot a scene with Jon Saunders, who is on twitter as @rippedboi.


The scene will be released under MEN of UK.

20 thoughts on “The tease is over for Jon Saunders aka David Jones etc (tip @ kromatoo)

  1. Oh who cares. We’re supposed to be excited when a performer FINALLY does something that they’re SUPPOSED to do?

  2. Yeah. Lol. It’s three years too late. The excitement is over for me. If he had at least done straight porn in between to see how he performs as a top then maybe

  3. Isn’t he going the opposite direction. Some gay porn actors are trying to get into modeling. Lol

  4. Brewster, you are probably right.
    After having been excited about him having sex with another man so many times and being let down, I refuse to believe it until a see a clear picture of him touching another man.

  5. Peformers that only do J/O and solo scenes are the ultimate teases. The promise of something more and half the time it never happens. It’s like they want the money and even attention that comes with doing adult work without actually having to “work” for the money…….

  6. How come MEN seem to be doing so well lately? If they can get Paddy and Topher to bottom, I’m sure they can persuade this dude to suck a cock. $$$

  7. Wah wah…his stock has long been sold and off the market.
    We’ll see if there is resurge.
    Also…not as buff as he used to be…

  8. My take on Walker’s tweet was that Paul bottomed for the “top bloke”. I’ll stay tuned, since I like to see Walker as the bottom. Wondering though, since TMK, Walker doesn’t suck, so if this dude doesn’t either how will that play out?
    Question too. I read where Walker said he did a scene or 2 with Eurocreme. Anyone see anything yet?
    Happy New Year Everyone. Safe, secure & prosperous 2014
    You especially Denz. Keep up the good work

  9. JUst realized that last pic of “Jon Saunders” with the little lavender dildo for English Lads. I remember seeing that pic quite a while ago. I remember thinking that EL, much like NDS release terrible (IMO) clips, barely showing any penetration, either anal or oral
    Was interested then, since I luv hairy blonds!!

  10. Really all this time and he does it with paul walker’s stale behind lol no thanks. too little to late same thing happened with zeb atlas haha

  11. Well the tease is not over-the scene is up on and he just jacks off long with Paul Walker-no physical contact at all! No surprise really!

  12. He tried to follow the money the UK way… but… butt… excellent face and body, medium prick, Narcissus (love only him self) and the follow up… in your imagination. …AC/DC(???) but not on camera…post Victorian morality…

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