Your thoughts on comments off at Waybig

A few months ago, Waybig turned off comments for their posts on Sean Cody. Most believed it was due to a comment that revealed Stu’s personal information. It was later turned on but turned off again last month.


This month, it was followed by Corbin Fisher. All comments are now off.


In my opinion, the comments (good, bad or nasty) made Waybig more popular. Now that it is gone, surfers might shy away and look someplace else. Less readers, less income for Waybig, Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher.

17 thoughts on “Your thoughts on comments off at Waybig

  1. Comments don’t need to be on when they are just bitch fests, circle jerks and hive mind rhetoric. The comments are constructive or of any value at all and tend to be from a very vocal minority that assume they know the ins and outs of the adult industry.
    With the leaks of information about models, the incessant negative remarks (HEY, I’M EXERCISING MY FREEDOM TO BE AN ASSHOLE!), and the direct attacks on someone’s looks I’d say turn them all off.
    The revenue from Waybig isn’t keeping Sean Cody or ACS afloat.

  2. I only visit blogs with active comment sections. So Waybig won’t be one I go to. I also stopped going to the Sword recently. Ever since they began moderating comments it got less active, now I just don’t even bother going at all most times. Here, QMN, and Zach’s new blog are the only ones worth visiting IMO.

  3. Since Zack is gone,theres almost nobody left at The Sword.The comments have reduced a lot.Almost nobody leaves comments at The Sword anymore.
    When it comes to the blog who bans comments the most,Queer Me Now is clearly the worst.QMN is known to ban comments like crazy.They just ban comments for no reasons.Lots of men have complained about it.They doesnt go at QMN anymore.
    QMN banned so much of my comments.All my comments had absolutely nothing wrong about them.
    For example,i said that Landon Conrad looked on something on these pictures.I didnt even said drug.QMN ban my comments only for that.
    The thing is,in the same thread,another man said that Landon Conrad looked on meth and he looked as if he didnt sleep for days.His comment was not banned.WTF!
    I also said,dont encourage bareback.All gay porn stars should have sex with a condom.They banned my comments only for being pro condom.
    QMN have favorites.They will tolerate some and ban others comments.
    Things you cant say at Queer Me Now.
    Dont ever talk against bareback.QMN is obviously pro bareback.
    Dont talk against Marc Dylan.Mostly about the this is a preference thing.
    Dont talk against BelAmi and Michael Lucas.
    Because if you talk about these things,your comments might be banned.
    If blogs keeps banning comments,then theres no point to go at these blogs anymore.So,men will stop going at these blogs.
    For those who are into freedom of expression.Dont go at Queer Me Now.

  4. Although the comments were a bit bitchy sometimes but not always…sometimes they were informative and I dare say enlightening lol…but always. always entertaining. I don’t understand WHY a blog would turn OFF their comment section…IF SC doesn’t like free speech OR doesn’t like their feedback then don’t read it! IT IS a good thing; a way to connect to other people who enjoy porn…

  5. If the revenue from Waybig didn’t affect their bottom line…WHY ban comments lollol. If they didn’t like what they wrote..then don’t read it! Yes they were bitchy at times but not always…..sometimes they were halarioius, informative and a few times enlightening….but always entertaining. Waybig…is making a big mistake! And if SC banned them…he’s got a lot bigger problems then reading blog comments

  6. Most likely it’s because SC and CF pressured waybig to turn off comments. It wouldn’t affect their bottom line, but the buddy leads that waybig get’s from clicks do affect waybig’s income.
    The posts waybig makes are totally advertisement fluff. It’s the ones who post comments that dish the dirt, gossip and both positive and negative feedback.

  7. Since a person can comment all they want about SC and CF on the other posts, freedom of speech is not the issue. Certain people (I mean, a person) were posting gif using SC’s videos. A big no no I would think. The only reason I can think of them shutting off comments for CF was a preemptive strike against someone posting personal info about the “straight” models. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

  8. I kind of get that…but I would imagine…IF a person is willing to do PORN..personal information WILL eventually leak…someone’s BOUND to recognize the actor..I live in NE ohio…there was a guy who did Gay porn on Active Duty who worked out at my gym….his acting name was it’s GOING to happen..actors NEED to be prepared for it lol

  9. Hear, hear! I tune into Waybig to keep up with everything that is being posted by all my favorite porn sites, yes, but I can get that same information from other sources, other blogs. I tune into Waybig for the voices there! I find it entertaining and a few of the commenters there are actually well spoken….this is something I haven’t been able to find on other gay porn blogs.

  10. I have frequently made anti BB comments on QMN, as any caring and intelligent person would, and they get posted.

  11. My bitch is that SC stopped writing up their models and scenes when they released them. Anyone ever hear why they did that?

  12. I think it’s counter-productive to turn comments off. After all, it is a BLOG which means it’s interactive, complete with photos, articles, links, and COMMENTS. What would it look like if Huffington Post closed its comments section? Part of the reason I read blogs is for the comments of other readers. If more control is desired by advertisers like SC, then Waybig should invest in more moderation.

  13. I agree. As a blog, it’s a forum for readers to comment and read other’s comments. Some pretty interesting and relevant conversations have been had there, especially on the SC posts. Sure, some are vindictive and mean, but overall posters are very intelligent connoisseurs of gay porn.

  14. Not sure many will miss the bitchy comments from Dio, Sushi, DaddyYankee and the rest of that crew.
    They were funny the first 5 times and then turned into a middle school mean girls fest of trying to outdo each other with nasty comments.
    So it became more about “okay, what are they going to find wrong with this guy/scene to hate on now.”
    I am also baffled about the whole Stu thing. In the age of the internet, it seems pretty easy to figure out these guys real names. I am not saying that outing them is a good thing or that you should do it, just that these guys and the studios shouldn’t be surprised if their real names do get out there. Especially with popular sites like SC and CF that have hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers

  15. @Super Marco Manuel or MarcoManuel
    You r annoying & dumb as shit, I wish they banned you sooner. All u ever talked about r ranting against gay4pay & negative about the guys. Get some cocks already !!!!

  16. I find the comments on Waybig to be interesting and entertaining. It is interesting to see the different likes/dislikes of various models. What one person likes another doesn’t. Vive la difference! The comments about repetition of models by various studios and what people like to see are quite valid. It is entertaining to see how commenters interact with each other and correct each others’ grammar.
    As for protecting identities, it is amusing how naive people are. The Internet is everywhere, public, and forever (except for some things in Europe). The only way to keep secret what you’re doing for distribution on the Internet is not to do it. It will always get out, if someone wants to reveal it. By its very nature, doing porn is to show your “talents” at doing something very intimate for the purpose of public distribution. By doing porn, you want people to know how skilled you are. You can’t pick and choose who sees it. With all the new free content, the day of the porn “star” is over.

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