A new look for Randy Blue and Fratmen (tip @ Jason401)

Randy Blue focused on video previews of their models and their live cam shows, Jimmy Clay was online when I made a screen capture.

Thennow_randyblue_01 Thennow_randyblue_02

Fratmen, on the other hand, showcased their men on their front page. With the redesign, they finally added an update after almost a month.

Thennow_fratmen_01 Thennow_fratmen_02

7 thoughts on “A new look for Randy Blue and Fratmen (tip @ Jason401)

  1. Those 2 sites can change their appearance all they want, but until they start producing more exciting content, nothing will change for them.

  2. It appears their focus is driving viewers to these live shows as a way to make revenue. I hate the format and agree with EJ that it is poor substitute for quality videos.
    Frankly the new look is a cluster of confusing images. It is set up intentionally to confuse viewers into clicking on the live link show versus the video. Often you can not tell which I which. Frankly I avoid the sites and stay with more tried and true websites.

  3. This was a horrible decision for RandyBlue. That new website looks like a cheap sales circular. Fratmen, in contrast, actually improved. RandyBlue should sue their graphic designer.

  4. Agree with all the above posts about the Randy Blue site. They are posting one new hard core scene a week. No amount of website redesign will make up for that lack of new content. Time for the members to move on.

  5. The Randy Blue site should have left well enough alone. It used to be one of the best go to sites on the web, but a lot changed once they started offering live shows. I know this is supposedly part of the future of porn, but a website like Randy’s that was at one point one of the best with updates at least 4 times a week is no longer worth the money. The price change of $9.95 for months to push their so called anniversary is really a way to try and keep up with the cheapest price of a loyalty discount that Sean Cody offers if you stay there long enough. Sean Cody updates ever other day with solo’s and duo’s, but Randy might update twice a week if we are lucky.
    Sad to see a site make that kind of change, but then again they are not charging $24.95 or better yet $19.95 to their viewers yet and when they do then Randy Blue will not be worth it at all.
    Fratpad’s new slogan which has changed four times this past year is currently that they are newer and even better than ever before. But they have obviously changed their standards there the past year for sure. They used to have models like Jayden and Shay that were the standard, but now huge tatoo’s, and other flaws on the new models they are finding shows that they have been very lazy at keeping up with great looking talent. They still have some guys that come there that are new that fit the old standard but there is a clear picture being provided that the new pad isn’t even in the league of where the pad was back in 2007 through 2010.
    I will not even touch management as that is where the true issue is with Fratpad and any other site associated with it. If you want another example of laziness just look at their sister sites EbonyU.com (which has never been updated from day one it was introduced) to fratmensucks.com (which stopped being updated almost a year ago with content from the older duos that were never suppose to be released from the fratpad. The site is a shell of itself IMHO compared to the days where great looks really mattered for a site that was one of those sites that when it came to good looking guys, they were almost in a league of their own.
    Both sites at one time were the rave of the porn world in some way and now most have found other places to go to get their fix on good looking guys and great customer service. These two sites will have no one to blame but themselves when everyone stops paying attention. Neither site can survive if the viewership drops below the needed members just to stay afloat.

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