Happy with the return of Cliff Jensen?

Cliff Jensen did have a tickling scene released last October 2013, which marked his return to gay porn. But, I don't think it was counted. It wasn't hardcore. And, I will not count his transsexual scene since it was not with another guy. Men just released a scene they filmed last November 2013 with Cliff in action with Ethan Cruz. It is titled Sucker Punch.

Cliff_jensen_men_backingayporn_02 Cliff_jensen_men_backingayporn_03 
Cliff_jensen_men_backingayporn_08 Cliff_jensen_men_backingayporn_09 

Will you be jacking off to the scene or just move on with your life as if nothing happened 🙂

15 thoughts on “Happy with the return of Cliff Jensen?

  1. Cliff had his problems early on but really seems to have gotten things straightened out. he looks great! Welcome back I say!

  2. Any updates on this Denz? How long is he in for? What were the the actual charges?

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