25 thoughts on “Jake Cruise has been replaced by hot dads

  1. My not really being into “older” guys, I suppose there’s a fine line between inter-generational porn, aka Hot Dads, Hot Lads, and Beauty & the Beast porn, aka Jake Cruise.

  2. “Are you happy or sad of not seeing Jake Cruise in action with other guys?”
    Not sure if this is a rhetorical question but very happy!

  3. There is hardly much money to be made with this kind of porn these days. Jake Cruise had to ‘restructure’ about 2 years ago in order to continue his porn studio.

  4. There are not words to describe the elation I feel at Jake Cruise never ruining another video.

  5. Ok. I want more info on Jake Cruise’s restructuring!!! Did he sell his biz or step down or what?!?

  6. There was a lot of talk about Jake’s health a while ago…he lost a lot of weight and didn’t look at all well in his last few videos.
    I don’t want to cast aspersions, but pretty much every video he did personally was bareback…maybe that came back to haunt him.

  7. I don’t really care enough about JC to be affected by the news.
    OTOH, as much as I like hot dads, it turns me off when they’re paired off with twinkish boys. To each his own I guess.

  8. ‘Nope. Not playing golf in Palm Springs yet. Just taking a break after 12 years’ – this is a quote from Jake’s twitter yesterday when asked if he had retired. He may be moving to the role of most porn producers; busy behind the scenes but completely out of the public gaze.
    The Jake Cruise and Hot Dads Hot Lads sites are not the same. Although they both post the same new updates, JC has about 670 videos (448 of which feature the big man himself!) and HDHL only 56. Cocksure Men has about 513. A restructuring may be going on, with the aim to continue to have 2 sites (CSM & HDHL) generating revenue rather than just one. The videos that remain at the original JC site, after extracting those posted at CSM and HDHL, may form a ‘bonus’ site, as was done with SG4GE.
    HDHL has an interesting revenue model. Members get unlimited streaming, but no free downloads. They must buy credits for every download they want. Non-members can also buy downloads, but for twice as many credits each as members. Haven’t seen this approach before.
    Now that Jake seems to have retired at least as a performer, it’s worth reflecting on his achievements. Here is one of the least likely porn performers ever, yet he’s had sex with hundreds of hot younger men, and earned money doing so. How good is that! Jake – you’re my hero.

  9. Have you checked MEN’s new video out where Johnny Rapid got fucked by Jaxton Wheeler?
    Johnny Forza appears on the video which surprised me a lot coz I thought he signed contract for Dallas Reeve. Did he already leave DR to MEN?

  10. It seems like either no one is on an exclusive contract these days, or that a lot of these videos must have been filmed months ago, because performers are appearing days apart on different sites at the moment.

  11. I agree that seeing Bryan in CM vids is a disappointment, and I absolutely prefer when the other CM models do the ‘serviced’ vids instead of him, but I think that’s more of a “Bryan isn’t my type, but he isn’t exactly ugly” issue, so his vids are still watchable, just not as hot as I think they could be.
    On the other hand, Jake, while also not my type, has a quality about him that is such a turn-off, I cannot even stand to look at his previews anymore. I find his vids completely unwatchable, even when he’s paired with someone I totally adore. It’s not because of his age or body; there’s something specifically about HIM that is just so unappealing. Try as I might, I can’t pinpoint WHAT that ‘eww’ factor is, but I can definitively say that those posed, smug expressions he offers to the camera definitely do not endear him to me.

  12. As a concept this seems like an achievement to be admired, but so is clubbing 448 baby seals to death an under an hour. Applaudable in some circles but having to watch it is just sickening. I never could stomach watching Jake due to the “eww” factor mentioned by Ben in an earlier post. Bedding that many young guys is great for a guy like Jake, but I personally would not pay to watch it.

  13. LOL. Lets get one thing straight, porn sex isn’t real sex. Multiple takes and retakes, condom changes, douching, etc… takes the eroticism out of sex real quick in porn.
    Yeah it’s great having sex with guys that don’t want to have sex with you are in desperate financial need for money. Too many videos of guys that couldn’t hide their disgust at having sex with him. Sorry but it’s not hot, fun, or erotic when the guy you are fucking makes it clear that he is repulsed and disgusted by you.

  14. His sites were losing $$ for a long time. He made the disastrous decision to sign guys to exclusive contracts, and most of them were moonlighting with other companies. Most of the guys he signed were with Pacific Blue Modeling.
    Also when all three sites were active he had 5 updates a week. The straight porn site closed down over two years ago and the flagship and cocksure men site only update once a week. Also the days of using top level talent are few and far between, most of who he uses now are D list or lower porn talent. He didn’t renew the lease on the Jake Cruise ranch that he shot a lot of his porn at, it was bleeding money. He also downsized his staff.
    I also wonder how much the porn affected his relationship with his partner Ernie, who had to step down from producing and directing pageants after it came out that Jake, under his real name, had sponsored the pageants and the company that ran the porn sites were under both Jake and Ernie’s names.

  15. I don’t mind daddies being with lads but Jake gave off more of a creepy vibe than a fun-loving one. Same goes for Daddy Mugs.

  16. I had a month’s subscription to hot dads/hot lads. Didn’t know until now of the connection to jake cruise. I like older/younger porn. Especially the flip/flop scenes. They updated once a week and didn’t have links to bonus sites, that was a bummer for me. Very glad jc wasn’t in any of the vids.

  17. Porn like all modeling and sports is a young man’s game. Older guys have to get behind the camera. We all have to learn that we have a limited amount of time in the spotlight. Then we must get behind the camera.

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