Kent (Fisher) is now online at Flirt 4 Free

Kent (Fisher) is currently answering questions at Flirt 4 Free.


  • Harper and Dawson are awesome
  • He is now a foot man.
  • He is from the Northwest. He love his beer.
  • He is in porn for the money.
  • He is paying his education (studying economics) with his own money.
  • He recently fucked Marc (check out CF Pete's vine)
  • He doesn't want kids (ever)
  • His brother saw an ad from CF on Craiglist.
  • His family does know he works in gay porn.


9 thoughts on “Kent (Fisher) is now online at Flirt 4 Free

  1. Good for him, using his porn money as a means to an end, in pursuit of something else–As opposed to making porn a career.

  2. A spectacular and sensuous young man, hope he goes far. He is one of CF’s best and I would bet he’s on our team or at the very least a “designated hitter.”

  3. I don’t care if Kent is G4P or not. Always been my favorite and would pay anything to spend the night with him . :). I don’t want to marry him, so who cares if he is g4p. Seems like a nice guy and genuine. Gay, straight or bi, who gives a fuck!?! As long as he his open to gay people and respectful.

  4. Kent is a beautiful guy. He looks like he might be the love child or “ass baby”, as he referred to it on Flirt4free, of Connor and Dawson.

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