6 thoughts on “Leif of Chaos Men at Fraternity X (tip @ John)

  1. I used to like FraternityX, but it’s gotten so nihilistic, depressing, and grimey. The guys are so jaded that they are often pounding some bottom haphazardly, while they are smoking and playing video games.

  2. Yea I know this guy. He’s from Orlando. Was Troy on Chaturbate, then Leif on chaos men, then Donnie Forza and now on Fraternityx and already doing bareback. He’s a Fool and does anything for money. I know his real name and where he is from but I’ll do him a favor and not expose him…he’ll be washed up as soon as all the so called porn companies get finished with him and send him on his way. Hopefully he won’t have Aids or end up as a street hustler somewhere…

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