Max Ryder ashamed and disgusted (tip @ Nico)

Last Sunday at Las Vegas (Hustlaball), JD Phoenix showed a new type of performance art that he was drawn to according to him on twitter.

Jd_phoenix_performanceart_03 Jd_phoenix_performanceart_04 

Max Ryder was disgusted "I honestly just don’t see the relevance of being tied up in front of a white sheet, and whipped on your bare back until blood is literally squirting and spraying all over the place. This is not the  industry I signed up or not want to associate myself with. I’m ashamed and disgusted to be seen at the same event this went on. Who thought this was a good idea? Honestly, human torture in no way is a form of self expression or sexual desires. ESPECIALLY at a place in which was not S&M based, but instead an award show. There should have been some kind of warning and/or announcement to alert those that would rather not participate in such an act. But, there was not. I saw people literally running to the bathroom to throw up, it was that bad."

As the story is developing as of this writing, this was the initial reply of JD Phoenix to his article.