Nathan Scott = Nathan Berry = Bailey Maguire (tips @ James & CasperFan)

He was given the name Nathan Scott when he worked in 2010 for the now gone website Drake Rock.


Also in 2010, he was given the name Nathan Berry by English Lads.

Nathan_berry_aka_bailey_maguire_01 Nathan_berry_aka_bailey_maguire_02

It was followed by his work as Bailey Maguire at Picture This Studios., where he had a solo released every year, including this January 2014, and you can see he has added bulk to his body.

Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_02 Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_03 
Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_04 Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_05 
Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_06 Nathan_scott_aka_bailey_maguire_07 

8 thoughts on “Nathan Scott = Nathan Berry = Bailey Maguire (tips @ James & CasperFan)

  1. He is a good looking guy with an awesome looking muscular body. He should change his hair style, it does nothing for him.

  2. Love Nathan’s beefier 2014 look,…and for returning to the industry…..but will agree with Andrew that he needs to see a hair-stylist for a make-over.
    Thanks to James & CasperFan for the TIP…and to DENZ for sharing the knowledge. 🙂 🙂

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