Nobara’s thoughts on Cooper Reed and Troi scene at Chaos Men

Today, Chaos Men released the flip fuck scene of Cooper Reed (aka William of SC) and Troi.

Cooper_reed_troi_02a Cooper_reed_troi_02b 

Guys, if you have a scene you love or hate and you want to share your thoughts about it, just send me an email and I will make a post about it.

18 thoughts on “Nobara’s thoughts on Cooper Reed and Troi scene at Chaos Men

  1. So Denz, Is Nobara Jones MOP’s resident erudite @Alias74? I had expected a 5000 word play from him.

  2. Ok…”tons” was hyperbole, Coop has worked for:
    Sean Cody (as William): hot hot hot guys engaged in robotic, passionless sex
    Dominic Ford: Too artsy for it’s own good and sometimes has bad pairings Don’t get me started – badly filmed, badly edited, limp cock fest
    Falcon: Nothing like it’s heyday from the 80’s and 90’s, but with great directors like Andrew Rosen, it’s starting it’s uphill climb to quality.
    Circle Jerk Boys: not sold on the production quality but they can hit the mark often.

  3. I have a thing about guys needing to kiss during sex, it is the absolute must have. A number of studios is a studio that does not have a lot of that to offer so I don’t subscribe. This is a great scene and the guys make out. I love that Choasmen lets you search for fetish aspects.
    So no matter how cute, sexy or hard the guys are, it’s a fail for me. I noticed some studios like Next Door Male or MEN rarely encourage models to kiss. But other studios like Corbin Fisher and Choas you can always count on sloppy kisses. Corbin Fisher and Choas have had my business for 10 years non stop. Thank you Corbin and Bryan!!

  4. Great summary!!!! You hit this “spot on” about each of these studios!!! Thank you. It is sad , because each of these could be better if the tweaked a few things. The state of gay porn world is tragically bad.

  5. Characters – 140 characters. Surely, a lawyer can’t possibly be this frivolous with details?
    In Ebert’s world, Cooper whatever Reed would pass off as…..boringgg…

  6. Oh no…I get it now! YOU’RE MY SISKEL!!!!
    Dude…let’s start reviewing clips together!!!!! Are you down with it? Let’s wield our MIGHTY SWORDS!!!
    Meanwhile…Cooper Reed may be G4P and boring on other sites, but I have to agree with Nobara that his clips on Chaosmen have that…..extra quality. He’s really putting out in those clips! Love the threeway he did for Bry. And him sitting on Troi’s dick….the stuff of orgasms!

  7. WORD! As I commented on another MOP post…it is SAD what masquerades as gay porn nowadays.

  8. Indeed. I’ve been a member of Chaosmen since 2007 (!) and I have consistently subscribed and re-sub’d to Corbin Fisher (locked in a sweet monthly price once on a sale and have never left – two years and counting now).

  9. Dude – I’m giving gay porn a pass now. Am relishing watching straight porn more and more as of late. Something about a big fat always hard cock being such a turn on.
    Here’s an idea for you to jostle with – Write a 3000 word op-ed with the recent California court decision that mandates compulsory condoms in porn. Your angle would be that the recent ruling will eventually be adopted to not only state but at federal level. Nice? And please, no puff or hit piece meant for HuffPo/Salon or Slate. This should be a New York Times of Washington Post type op-ed.

  10. Sounds solid. But what do I get in return?
    How about you write a piece, same style about why you are jettisoning gay porn and watching straight porn. What is it about StraightPorn that you don’t get from gay porn, etc.

  11. Jettisoning? I think you meant revisionism – tougher when your premise or narrative would be to provide justification for a retreat.
    Style-wise – a good op-ed provokes, offends and arrests the senses of its audience. A bad op-ed parallels to what Connor Habib dishes in HuffPo.
    No Deal. Apparently,my speech writer has ran off to work for Ready for Hillary campaign with Jim Messina. Hahahaha..

  12. did some one pay this guys to say all that?? that scene wasn’t even remotely as good as he made it out to be lmao. Just goes to show some people will take anything

  13. I’m in totally agreement with Nobara in that Cooper has really shone with Chaos. The way he gets into his partner is just scorching especially the way he rides dick! Totally awesome and enthusiastic – just a hungry wanton bottom! Seen him in and it was a bore and Sean Cody wasn’t too bad but with Chaos – amazing! Hope Bryan keeps showcasing this studly firecracker!

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