9 thoughts on “Real or fake? Brandon of Sean Cody on twitter

  1. QMN is retarded and a shill. He doesn’t care if the posting is accurate, so long as it generates clicks.

  2. If it’s a fake, how is the person running it getting hold of his pics? Kinda creepy when you think about it.

  3. The person who made up the account most likely has access to ‘Brandon’s real account and pics. So it may not be a crazed fan, but someone who is acquainted with him?

  4. Might be that the angle of the iPad triggered the screen to rotate, and the photo caught it just at the moment as it was in the process of rotating.

  5. Sadly…that is something that has sorta taken on a creeping dread for me. I used to tip and contribute to QMN way back in the day when it was a fledgling porn blog and I do like the creator TONS! But it’s just become something all together too……market-y versus the kind of blogging that Denz does.
    I know that it’s FAR too ambitious of me to expect a blog to present gay porn and even tidbits about production and the performer’s lives and keep it on a “journalistic” level. I put that word in quotes because even the Dark Wizard of Gay Porn Bloggers Zach Sire once lambasted someone for even SUGGESTING that gay porn bloggers a) are journalists and b) that the reporting on blogs like this, QMN, or sites like QUEERTY, etc. is not anything remotely approaching journalism.
    Anything I contribute I take seriously (as exhibited by my ridiculously wordy and verbose contributions) and feel like people who seek out blogs like this want a presentation of some truth and/or “a peek behind the curtain” so to speak, even if that means shattering the fantasy of gay porn…or rather what’s left of it at this point.

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