Seth Treston, an exclusive of Lucas Ent, is the latest update at Cocksure Men

This is the front page of Cocksure Men today.


I received this email from Jake Cruise.

Yesterday I sent out the weekly Jake Pays newsletter with the latest Cocksure Men scene: Billy Santoro and Seth Treston. Unfortunately I just discovered that Seth Treston was not truthful on his online application when he stated that he was not under contract with another studio. He is, in fact, under contract with Lucas Entertainment. When I shot the scene I trusted Seth was being honest with me. I believe that all studios should try their best to be supportive of each other. I respect the rights of studios to have models in exclusive contracts. Cocksure Men had several exclusives a couple of years ago and I know what it’s like to invest time and money into a model only to see him break his contract. I am honoring Lucas Entertainment‘s investment in Seth Treston.

The scene will be replaced in a few hours with the Jed Athens and Ali Steele scene.