The model in Tito of Fratmen (tip @ Malthe)

Tito of Fratmen was introduced last month (Dec 2013).

Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_01 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_02 
Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_03 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_04 
Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_05 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_06 

He joined Model Mayhem in 2011. At first glance, I thought it was a different person. The photos were uploaded last Dec 2012 (sans the tattoo on the left shoulder).

Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_07 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_08 
Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_09 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_10 
First two photos did not credit the photographer.
Third and last photo @ Michael A Downs


Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_07 Tito_fratmen_model_Wannabe_01

12 thoughts on “The model in Tito of Fratmen (tip @ Malthe)

  1. One of Model Mayhem’s objective is to help GUYS seek employment opportunities in the Adult Industry…. AND,…Tito certainly fits the Fratmen criteria.
    I prefer seeing Tito with that “Buzz-Cut” hair style…and all the BEST to him in future modeling opportunities.
    Thanks Malthe & DENZ for the insight.

  2. He is stunning . The buzz cut suits him. The only thing that might affect him in modeling is his face is noticeably asymmetrical, but so were a lot of the guys on Top Model last season, he is better looking then 90% of them

  3. it’s weird that something as simple as a haircut can improve so much – and obviously more/less ‘shopping and different lighting – the buzz cut just rocks on this guy. Very sexy. Even his ears look sexier in the porn modeling pics 🙂

  4. Now for sure. He has a great face, ripped body, nice ass and big cock. What else can a boy want?

  5. I agree with previous posters that he looks better in the fratman pics, the buzz cut emphasises his eyes which are mesmerising and only enhance his beauty.

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