7 thoughts on “Two hot guys in one scene

  1. I fully agree that the pairing of CF-Tom & Dixon was exceptional. Both had great chemistry in this scene … and here’s hoping to see TOM on CF’s prestigious Dean’s List. 🙂 🙂
    Thanks DENZ for spot-lighting Dixon & Tom from CF.

  2. I enjoyed their scene. he last time they were together Dixon was Dicking Tom down. Good to see the “Payback” scene. They have gr8 chemistry and Gr8 Kissers. +Bonus!!!!

  3. The guy in the GayCasting video is Vance Crawford. He’s been a busy boy this week with some serious hotties.

  4. i think CF is going downhill as they are running out of models. Lately, most of their scenes are boring with the same models…

  5. I will have to somewhat agree, I’ve noticed they are not varying models as often as they used to. The same 6 guys are being rotated. Tom did a scene this month already.

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