55 thoughts on “Which of these CF models do you think is/are gay, bi or str8 in real life? (tip @ Bo)

  1. This type of debate will go on forever, but I do have to agree with the sucking cock, eating ass, and getting fucked issue. We need to remember that this stuff goes on for hours while they’re being filmed. It’s not just for the twenty minutes we’re viewing. I would think the guys would have to get some kind of enjoyment out of it other than just the money. BTW, I am a theatre teacher of guys around this age, and I feel like I can recognize acting. Some of these men are not acting; they’re enjoying every minute of it!

  2. These guys aren’t being paid “1 million dollars”. They are being paid much much much less than that.
    It may be a job, but something about it must be less than revolting, non-plushed, or enjoyable about it for them to do it. That would make them bi at the least.

  3. That’s kinda the point these pathetic Hetero worshipers don’t seem to be able to get through their deluded skulls. The average G4P is 100% straight, one way or another he is BI. He might be 90% interested in women… fine! But deep, deep down 10% of him still does enjoy gay sex

  4. I hope you’re joking, or I feel sorry for your delusional ass, SMH!! Are you living in a fantasy realm?

  5. Your point is what exactly? Chances are you would not enjoy the sex and it would SHOW that you are interested in the woman. Some of these G4P guys are not faking and it also… SHOWS. You can tell when someone is really straight, there is no passion, and it’s very robotic. I want your opinion on the “straight” guys who have passionate sex with men on camera. Let me guess they’re “good actors”… -__- Give me a fucking break!!!

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