11 thoughts on “The current front page of Sean Cody (tip @ Bo)

  1. SC comes out as a huge winner, CF wish they could have such publicity LOL
    Robert/Noel should demand a huge bonus from SC

  2. I think it is great that they are not exploiting the issue,they are taking the high road but yet will get more visitors because of it. To Sean Cody, way to go.

  3. I really enjoyed Noel’s scenes, and as a SC fan, I would love to see him stick around. But I think for his sake, he should be done with porn–he seems like a well-put together young man with a bright future, and he only did it to help his family. It’s over and done with, I’m sure he learned from this experience, he should move on.

  4. if for the sake of argument Noel is done with porn
    at this point in time i wonder how many other scenes
    he shot that SC hasn’t posted yet.

  5. WHAT are you talking about not exploiting the issue lol..the just posted a pic of NOEL [past scene]..on the COVER. THAT is the very definition of exploitation.

  6. Well since so many people find not fault with it I will argue that posting a pic of Noel on the cover of the website…is the very definition of exploitation. In fact this might cause more actors to re-think their loyalty to SC. What they can be assured is that IF an actor is exposed…SC will splash their past scenes on the cover…for publicity lol… I don’t quite get it…I understand that Noel is 18 and signed a legally binding release form [which give SC the rights to publish any photos/videos]. HOWEVER trying to diffuse the uproar should be his primary intent bc it protects his actors from further exposure. It’s the same rationale that SC stopped comments on waybig.com bc someone was trying to expose Stu [an A list performer]. Sean Cody could have taken all of Noel’s scenes down for a month until it blew over then reposted them at a later date when Noel graduates in a few months. It just shows that it’s all about the money..U can honestly make an argument that SC didn’t really care about Stu; he probably just tried to limit Stu’s exposure in fear it would end Stu’s porn career [a potential revenue loss for SC]. I also think SC should re-think hiring HS students. His business is successful enough that he could obstain from students in HS.

  7. And Brandon. Don’t forget they were trying to expose Brandon although that means nothing seeing as he’s on Twitter using his (first) real name.

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