A sign that new guy Art of Sean Cody will do more than a solo (tip @ John)

Art of Sean Cody was introduced this week.

Art_Seancody_02 Art_Seancody_03  

He is not new to getting naked in front of the camera. Unfortunately, Sean Cody got ahead of his site (working when I visited it last Friday) and had it removed (?). But, they missed this, where the last post happened on the same day his solo was released (February 6, 2014).


Was the removal of the site a sign he is doing more than a solo at Sean Cody?

37 thoughts on “A sign that new guy Art of Sean Cody will do more than a solo (tip @ John)

  1. goodboy93 Is that a webbed toe?
    jockGOD says the HIV positive greaser..
    He’ll probably return. Guys I wish wouldn’t always do.

  2. Art looks like another in a long line of beautiful muscular models at SC. Guys like: Brandon, Stu, Joshua, Brodie, Art, Jamie, Grayson, Keith, Fuller, Tanner, Noel, Marshall, Jayden, Jarek, Jess, Chad, Pierce, Pete, Jayden, Dakota, Owen, Liev, and the beat goes on.

  3. apparently he’s into financial slavery
    yeah… I had no idea that was a thing until today.

  4. I think this is a sign he’ll be back. Sean Cody doesn’t allow their models to have social media accounts.

  5. I saw him on Chaturbate.com (cam site) several times last year. Not sure whether his profile is still there.

  6. Wish I hadn’t seen that creepy website, men pay him to call them derogatory names? Now if he does more on SC I won’t be able to enjoy it.

  7. It’s been taken down now, but this was on his “blog of worship”.
    You losers better be prepared to have your addiction satisfied and intensified. I know exactly what you need. I know exactly what you’re thinking fag, and I’m here to take you way further than you planned on going.
    He also likes to call himself God…

  8. I was just listing the guys who came to mind when I was posting. You are definitely right, Chase, Randy and Coleman should be on any list of hot guys. Coleman is so beautiful and I love the muscles of Chase and Randy. Actually, I have so many SC favorites that the list would go on and on.

  9. If he returns, he will be topping several times and then disappear just like Brandon. Don’t hold your breath pfft

  10. You say that as if it’s a problem. I never got that idea that everyone has to bottom. Some people are tops and are good at it. Brandon is an example and even took a cum shot to the mouth. Why is it ok for a porn star to only bottom and leave porn but if a top does it, then he somehow didn’t do a full job. If every porn actor bottoms then who is going to fuck them? I guess people want to watch double headed dildo movies. Let good tops top as long as they do all the acts, and good bottoms bottom. Seeing
    jarek bottom didn’t really add anything and seeing Jaxton wheeler struggle to top is a waste of time

  11. Just read his posts, seems like a real dick to me although I suppose to be honest he is being truthful only into for the money.

  12. please take your 1950s pro-hetero top-only fantsies elsewhere, also these “straight” guys are very lame tops

  13. “Unfortunately, Sean Cody got ahead of his site (working when I visited it last Friday) and had it removed (?).”
    What does “got ahead of his site” even mean?
    And “had it removed”? Exactly how would Sean Cody go about this? Explain the legal argument that Sean Cody would rely on to remove a site that featured a person who happened to be a Sean Cody sex worker.
    Even if that sex worker had signed an exclusivity agreement with Sean Cody, that mere agreement would not give Sean Cody the authority to do what you suppose he did. In the first place, such an agreement would be unenforceable in California. And even if it were enforceable, Sean Cody would need a court order to enforce it.

  14. Even if a Sean Cody sex worker agreed not to have social media accounts, that agreement does not empower Sean Cody to have that sex worker’s social media accounts removed.
    Sean Cody would need a court order to do so, and there’s no way any court would grant such an order unless Sean Cody could convince the court that those social media accounts would harm Sean Cody.
    Sean Cody doesn’t own his sex workers. They’re not even his employees. They’re independent contractors.
    They have no obligation to work for him or continue to work for him, and he has no obligation to hire or rehire them.
    If a Sean Cody sex worker puts up a social media site, the most Sean Cody could do is decline to hire the him. But Sean Cody already has the right to decline to hire him, even if he follows all the rules.

  15. Such nonsense. You people have such childishly naive and fantastic notions about Sean Cody’s power or his models. You seem to have no understanding of the law.
    Sean Cody model Jarek opened a Facebook account under the name “Jarek Seancody” in April 2013.
    Jarek’s last Sean Cody movie was filmed 3 months later (and released Setp. 1, 2013)!
    And his Facebook is still up and running.
    In Nov. 2013, when he became a Randy Blue model, Jarek merely changed the name on his Facebook account to “Jarec Wentworth.” But the link to his Facebook is still http://www.facebook.com/jarek.seancody.

  16. okay, notice how i didn’t say that seancody legally forced him to remove his social media accounts.

  17. This explains a lot. The self hating homos who pay this breeder to hate on them are the types who keep the gay4pay guys wealthy.
    He won’t do another scene with seancody. He’s all talk, no action. He wouldn’t expose himself to HIV greasers.
    If he does come back, I hope they don’t pair him with someone like blake. Why bring a good one down to lie with the dogs.

  18. “You seem to have no understanding of the law.”
    okay, what part of “i didn’t say that seancody legally forced him to remove his social media accounts” do you not understand?

  19. and second, i don’t really care to stalk these people on facebook. the fact you’re using your pseudo-law education to argue with people on a casual gay porn blog (whose usage of terms is CLEARLY vernacular and not technical) is quite telling

  20. Interests: ‘Cash Slavery, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Muscles, Boots, Bondage, Smoking’ (Ownedfags.com – fags submit, and masters benefit)
    According to another site, ‘ he basically used to get online, make vids calling guys “faggots”, and demanding “tributes” for Skype sessions that highlighted his feet’.
    What a guy!

  21. 10000000+ yes they should bottom. I don’t wanna see these guys toppping the whole time. It’s stupid

  22. I mean….the site seems rather over the top to even be believable–kinda funny even. I’m still into seeing him back with SC, not my problem that some guys get their rocks off by dom prorn interactions like this.
    Dude looks better pre-SC though–they like to dust their models with that “SC magic”…that spray tan needs to come down.

  23. Yes, he was Jameson90 or something like that on Chaturbate and then went to Cam4. He used to be buffer, though.

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