Cage Kafig’s gripes with Broke Straight Boys & personal life (tip @ Malthe)

In case you don't know Cage Kafig, he worked for Broke Straight Boys.


Using his porn name on Facebook, he shared his thoughts on Broke Straight Boys.


He also shared more than his porn life. He shared his personal life. He even admitted on Youtube his real name while talking about the woman he loves and his child.

And, he sings.

30 thoughts on “Cage Kafig’s gripes with Broke Straight Boys & personal life (tip @ Malthe)

  1. Well they are supposed to be broke. And I thought they were supposed to be straight as well? Why would there be lovers among the performers?

  2. I think he looks a lot better in the Youtube vids…maybe it’s the longer hair. As for his complaints, I’m not sure he really has any cause to feel slighted. I keep hearing all over the place how models are being paid less and less and I’m sure his insistence on topping in every video didn’t help.

  3. He does seem nice. I feel bad about his sister.
    But between the subtext of the videos and a thread involving his real name on Topix it sounds like he has been violent with women. Then again maybe the people on Topix were talking about another guy who does MMA with that name who is estranged from his daughter’s mother or maybe it was just a lie.

  4. Unless you look like Brandon from SC you won’t last long just topping in all your videos. Cage is fooling himself. hahah

  5. A company can run itself in whatever manner it wants. If they no longer want his services (for whatever reason) that is their choice. Unless he can prove in writing that they have violated a contract agreement, complaining about it openly is definitely not going to get him in their good graces nor is it going to make them incline to book him for future scenes.
    If they’ve dropped his rate and he wants to continue working as performer and be paid the fee he wants, then look elsewhere and let other companies know what you will and won’t do and how much your services will cost them. Obviously the restrictions of only wanting to top will hinder his ability as most companies want models who are versatile.
    He seems like a nice guy but this is a business after all and he needs to accept that and roll with the punches otherwise leave and find something else to do that will generate income.

  6. He did twelve scenes there and they were released from August to the beginning of February. He bottomed twice over all. I believe his argument is about not getting more work as a top there. But the company is probably looking at the fact that he bottomed twice so what should be the problem with bottoming more? He might have asked to be a top only and as one commenter putting it mildly said….he is no Brandon so making that kind of demand/request to a studio that can get more talent at will just falls on deaf ears.
    Damien said he would never have someone cum on him in the begging and now he gets plowed and takes cum to the mouth like a champ. I guess the money was good enough for him. Then again he may not have a kid to worry about as well seeing him on the internet sucking dick and eating cum and left trying to explain it? If I was advising him I would suggest he move on to another company like that would accept him with open arms.

  7. He did bottom. I think he just didn’t want to do it anymore. If you’re gay 4 pay and you take it up the ass you probably get sick of it.

  8. I honestly don’t understand why a father would (1) do porn and (2) use his real name in porn for any potential employers and his child to see when they are old enough. Ridiculous amount of myopia.

  9. I’m willing to wager that MOST of the so-called straight men who do porn, at some point take out their repressed anger on their wives or girlfriends. It’s easy to project your latent homosexual feelings on the woman who tolerates you in her bed after a hard day’s work of sucking dick and taking it in the ass from another man. Thus, its a forgone conclusion that if you’re the baby momma of a gay4payer, at some point you’ll incur his displaced wrath.

  10. This just made my heart break for this guy. It just shows you how these studios build up these guys and make them feel like they are the next Justin Timberlake or some iteration and then casually drop them usually in less than a year with little to no notice. Yes, I get that it’s a business, but it’s ugly and it’s unsuspecting guys like this who end up sad, alone, depressed, etc.
    He’s cuter off screen btw. He should just put the porn world behind him and get on a sustainable path for himself and his daughter.

  11. One thing we never really talk about is how addicted the gay4pay models get addicted to the initial positive reinforcement they get. They have people telling them how great they are and how hot they are and these porn producers befriend them and make them actually feel special and most of these guys are people who have had numerous family and financial problems so people heaping these praise on them and complimenting them is new to them.
    We usually think either they’re straight up using gays for money and loathe doing gay porn or they’re all latent homosexuals and they really love it. I think some of them have such hard lives they’re a little charmed by the whole internet porn star scene and actively enjoy doing porn and meeting the other models and doing all the other porn star events even if the actual sex isn’t something they’re 100% passionate about.

  12. I bet he blew through the money they paid him thinking it was a long term gig. Some get a longer run than others, but porn careers are fleeting for everyone, so he should just be happy with the money he made.

  13. I agree. It must be akin to a magical experience to be flown to another state, picked up from the airport and whisked away to a mansion with free food & booze, film a little porn and collect a fat paycheck. Not to mention you have fans who love you. I can imagine it would be a heady experience for any young man of modest means.
    I also agree he looks very good here. BSB has such terrible lighting, everyone looks better in other circumstances.

  14. Seems that Forrest Stevens aka Cage has bigger problems to fry and may be why he has gripes with BSB for allegedly not using him enough. BSB uses many of the same models and doesn’t debut that many models. Check out what he is facing here Seems that the only scenes he’ll be doing in the near future are jail scenes. Funny, he doesn’t mention that.

  15. This is jimmy johnson and i beat the fukkk out of that little boy in a cage fight for the reality show. If he was a father he get a real job and realize porn was just for the money not a career lol that kid is a complete joke and far from a man.

  16. I will however give him credit for one thing. BSB is honestly a back stabbing lying disgusting company full of people who smile in your face and make you think they can be trusted when in reality they take advantage of everyone i only worked for them because of the director which they also recently did wrong.

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