Cocky Boys will also have live cam shows

Doing live cam shows seems profitable so studios are doing it too. It started with Randy Blue. It was followed by Corbin Fisher (via Flirt 4 Free) and gave all his models same last names (Dawson Fisher, Connor Fisher etc). Now, it is the turn of the boys of Cocky Boys (Levi Karter, Duncan Black, Dillon Rossi) and they too will use the Flirt 4 Free system.


Looking at the archives, it seems only Max Ryder and James Robinson has tried it out. 


Except for Dillon Rosi, all 4 porn stars identified themselves as gay.

3 thoughts on “Cocky Boys will also have live cam shows

  1. I’m pretty sure Dillon Rossi is straight & G4P. But, I guess Bi-sexual makes it easier to market himself.

  2. That’s interesting considering that some time ago when asked about his sexuality before “retiring for school”, Jasper said that he was bi and had a girlfriend. Ava (Matthew) Keading said the same thing but now she classifies that she’s pansexual. Man, sexuality hurts my head.

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