It’s not often we see long haired porn stars doing hard core scenes in gay porn.

It was last March 2013 that a scene of Kip Johnson was released. In the months that have past, he has done str8transsexual porn & scenes with and without the use condoms.

Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_01 Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_02  
Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_03 Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_04  

Nick Speedman, on the other hand, was just introduced this month and his first guy scene was released a few days ago.

Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_06 Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_07  
Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_08 Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_09  

Who do you prefer? Kip or Nick?

Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_10 Kip_johnson_versus_nick_speedman_11

20 thoughts on “Kip Johnson or Nick Speedman?

  1. I think Nick Speedman, tho I think he will best serve us as a bottom, something we’ve yet to see. Nick’s hair would be better slightly longer, like Kip’s, but not AS long. Kip seems to have the better dick, tho I think Nick has the better body and is slightly cuter.

  2. I agree… I’ll reserve judgment till I see Nick as a bottom. The allure of Kip is his extensive bottoming.

  3. I prefer Kip Johnson because he seems to be more man ( What am I saying…What is hes ‘gender’, anyway? It seems that anything goes for him: straight porn, transsexual porn, gay porn…bareback, safe sex…” $$$exual, maybe.”)The other guy resembles a lesbian: In the pic where he’s smiling I can see a happy Jodie Foster showing us her new toy.

  4. Kip Johnson started off as a top, but by default has settled into a career of bottoming. Just like Rocco Reed, and countless of other gay4payers who wanna do gay porn but are so uninspired and lackadaisical that they can’t even imagine an erection, let alone actually achieve one. Have you seen his penis erect even once? If so, post the pic, cause I’d like to see if its even possible. It’s a shame, because he’s really cute. But I don’t wanna watch porn to see flaccid penises. It doesn’t do much for my penis, either.

  5. I prefer Nick over Kip. Nick has a bit shorter hair and a little more muscle. Both are good things. I think he would look even hotter with a shorter style haircut.

  6. For some reason I’m just not attracted to guys with long hair but I think it looks better on Nick than Kip.

  7. I think Nick … is better looking,…but will reserve giving him the 5-Star until I see him “bottoming”. Only FULL-CIRCLE Gay Performers (popping their Cherry),…deserve a TOP RATING. LOL!!! 🙂 🙂

  8. Kip’s scenes are pretty good and he’s a very active Bottom and Top. His latest scene at Masquerade was as a top. He just shot a scene at Bound In Public were he is the one getting gangbanged. His scene with Woody Fox for Falcon was pretty good and he had wood throughout while bottoming. Funny, people complain about a bottom having a flaccid cock, when many gay men do not have rock hard cocks bottoming. I also find it funny that people complain and just like to focus on supposedly G4P models who don’t have wood while bottoming yet completely ignore the gay models when they cannot maintain wood. The scenes where Rocco bottomed he may not have had wood all the time he was bottoming but he did cum while getting fucked which is a bigger turn on for me.
    Richard Pierce haven’t maintained wood in all of his bottoming scenes and he’s always said he was Bi.Tommy Defendi also doesn’t always have an erection when bottoming. Simple fact is that not all can or the shoot is going to long or they choose not to stick a needle in their dicks like Hunter Vance and have to have their dicks drained at the local hospital.
    Simply put, I like Kip and his hair. Just long enough , but He would look gr8 with it longer also. Str8, Gay, Bi or whatever. Everyone’s body does not function the same way. Also, Laid Back is no lackadaisical. Rocco’s scene with Andrew Stark was preety hot. He had wood, just not hard as a rock. He scene with Jack King he also has wood. You may prefer and I may prefer someone to see bottoms with raging hard on’s while getting fucked or in general, but that is not always the case.
    Another, Bi/Str8? performer is Tyler Alexander and he always has wood in his bottoming scenes. If you are going to call performers out then it should be across the board, because Rocco and Kip have topped many times and maintained erections.

  9. I said I agreed, that he is indeed sexy. I love his long hair. But even in the scenes where he’s been the top, his cock was semi-flaccid the entire time. The guy simply cannot maintain an erection.
    My point is, gay4pay or not, why do porn companies continue to make porn scenes with men who cannot remain erect? In straight porn, the male performers are required to maintain erections, or they don’t get work–After all, it’s PORN. That’s what you’re hired for.
    But with gay porn, it seems that being “cute” is enough to get you a pass, so that you don’t have to perform well. You’re simply allowed to show up, stay limp, and be paid. Why?

  10. Love Kip Johnson, especially when bottoming bareback. Damn hot!”
    don’t know the other one, but he looks good too..
    p.s. love guys with long hair. especially bautiful hair like Aussie WOODY FOX – so beautiful!

  11. I just can’t bring myself to watch lesbian porn. Both of these look like females and I don’t find them attractive in the least. But everyone has a type so hey, their fans can enjoy them.

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